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George Forss, 80, Photographer Discovered on the Streets of N.Y., Dies

In the 1980s, a street photographer named George Forss was selling his black-and-white pictures of the Empire State Building and Central Park to tourists for $5 a pop. Like so many of New York’s sidewalk peddlers, he was just trying to make a buck. But his images stood apart from the typical fare.

As he saw it, New York was the Emerald City, and his cityscapes portrayed a luminous and majestic metropolis.

In framing the Brooklyn Bridge’s grandeur, he captured the masses who trudge across it daily. As fog crept over New York Harbor, he photographed the Statue of Liberty

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NYC Collector Claims To Have Discovered Long-Lost Van Gogh Landscape

The allegedly newly discovered Vincent van Gogh work, “Auvers, 1890.”

By W.A. Demers

NEW YORK CITY – The landscape of van Gogh paintings is littered with fakes.

So shows the trend over the past three decades, with an oft-cited 1997 investigation by The Art Newspaper casting doubt on the authenticity of at least 45 van Gogh paintings and drawings housed in leading museums around the world.

Enter New York collector Stuart Pivar (b 1930), who news reports say has claimed to have discovered a long-lost van Gogh landscape, “Auvers, 1890″ in its original condition and signed on the back by

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