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Why the Ricoh GR Digital IV Is the Ultimate Camera for Street Photography

Many street photographers might claim that the Leica M series is the best street photography camera. While they are not wrong, necessarily, I think the Ricoh GR Digital IV offers more flexibility and value. 

The Ricoh GR Digital IV is not a new camera. In fact, it was released 2011, making this year its 10th anniversary. Indeed, there is much to celebrate when it comes to this cult classic. If one merely looks at the specs of the camera, they will seem underwhelming in a 2021 environment. For example, the camera sports a 1/1.7 10MP sensor. As I said, nothing

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Will Digital Fashion Weeks Continue Post-Pandemic?

It’s been more than 15 months since London and Paris Men’s Fashion Weeks were first cancelled due to COVID-19 and resulting lockdown measures. Since then, we’ve sat through a series of digital fashion shows, as landmark events — from Raf’s first Prada show to Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Nike — emerged through a screen.

Nowadays, however, shows are beginning to return: London Fashion Week featured some socially-distanced shows, while Kim Jones presented Dior’s collection with Travis Scott in front of a live audience. As the world’s fashion capitals start to open up, and major events tentatively return, we caught up

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Art Collecting Goes Digital With New Generation

Like virtually every market in 2020, art collecting saw a digital expansion last year, a seismic shift for consumers and artists accustomed to stuffy galleries, auctions and in-person experience that could upend decades-old ways of doing business.

In 2019, online sales accounted for just 9 percent of the entire art market; a year later, they had more than doubled, making up 25 percent of the market. And even as the overall art market contracted by 22 percent in 2020, the online portion of sales grew by 107 percent.

This trend, while certainly accelerated by the pandemic, is something the art

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The NFT craze is helping Dallas digital artists sell their work

The NFT craze is a huge opportunity for North Texas digital artists, who have often struggled to sell their work and exhibit it beyond social media, where it can easily be captured with a screenshot. Essentially art stored on a digital ledger known as a blockchain to verify authenticity and ownership, so-called non-fungible tokens have turned their works into unique digital assets that can be bought and sold.

Magdiel Lopez, a digital artist who designs posters that are mostly posted on his Instagram account with over 100,000 followers, has sold a handful of his works as NFTs.

“My collectors have

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NFTs of a different stripe: Joe Exotic gets into the digital art trend

A portrait of Joe Exotic and his tiger Sarge is now available in pixelated form. The NFT edition size is limited to 3,900 which is the estimated number of tigers left in the world

Two months ago, if you had asked Joe Exotic—the star of the mega-popular Netflix series Tiger King that aired last year—what NFT stands for, he might have replied “no friggin’ tigers”, as he had lost his adventure park in Oklahoma and was sent to jail after being convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against his nemesis, the big cat rescuer Carol Baskin. But it seems Exotic has

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Non-Fungible Tokens and the Metaverse Are Digital Fashion’s Next Frontiers

Of course the fashion world is interested in NFTs: In an industry obsessed with authenticity and exclusivity, a token that guarantees precisely those qualities makes perfect sense. 

Just how much sense you find in the digital clothes authenticated by those non-fungible tokens, meanwhile, probably depends on how you feel about the metaverse. 

New York-based communications consultant Josh Ong has already spent $500 on a pair of silver NFT sneakers and probably won’t stop there. 

“For instance, when I’m hanging out at the Atari Zed Run race track or at the Bored Ape Yacht Club when they open, I might want

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