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NFTs of a different stripe: Joe Exotic gets into the digital art trend

A portrait of Joe Exotic and his tiger Sarge is now available in pixelated form. The NFT edition size is limited to 3,900 which is the estimated number of tigers left in the world

Two months ago, if you had asked Joe Exotic—the star of the mega-popular Netflix series Tiger King that aired last year—what NFT stands for, he might have replied “no friggin’ tigers”, as he had lost his adventure park in Oklahoma and was sent to jail after being convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against his nemesis, the big cat rescuer Carol Baskin. But it seems Exotic has

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Non-Fungible Tokens and the Metaverse Are Digital Fashion’s Next Frontiers

Of course the fashion world is interested in NFTs: In an industry obsessed with authenticity and exclusivity, a token that guarantees precisely those qualities makes perfect sense. 

Just how much sense you find in the digital clothes authenticated by those non-fungible tokens, meanwhile, probably depends on how you feel about the metaverse. 

New York-based communications consultant Josh Ong has already spent $500 on a pair of silver NFT sneakers and probably won’t stop there. 

“For instance, when I’m hanging out at the Atari Zed Run race track or at the Bored Ape Yacht Club when they open, I might want

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Photographer Recreates Large Format Film Look with a Digital Camera

Ukrainian photographer Olexiy Shportun has created an image capture device that combines a digital camera with a system that resembles a large format film camera to produce dreamy, bokeh-rich still-life photos and portraits.

Shportun’s full camera system is huge and slow to use by modern standards, but it allows him to achieve images that have a shallow depth of field and dreamy quality that bypasses what would normally not be possible through more conventional capture methods.

He says that his idea was to create a digital version of an analog large format photo, but avoid the color photo process associated

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Amid art world slowdown, digital auctions save the day

According to the Artprice 2020 Art Market Report, the cancellation of fairs, exhibitions and sales since March last year has impacted the art industry at large. But unlike museums, which have suffered the full impact of Covid-related restrictions, auction houses quickly found ways to preserve the core of their activities thanks to digital technology.

In the case of Mumbai-based online auction house AstaGuru, which has been online since its inception, the connection with their target audience was not lost.

“Owing to this we were able to stay connected with our target audience/collectors and stay relevant in the current times. Our

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Smaller US Cities Try to Entice Digital Nomads with Lifestyle Perks | Voice of America

Smaller U.S. communities that once lost people to the big city hope to attract new residents as increased remote work makes it more possible than ever to live far from the office. 

“Now that they have the flexibility, people are thinking about things in terms of cost of living, people are prioritizing what type of lifestyle they may want and that, oftentimes, can be connected to outdoors or different pursuits,” says Matt Micksin, a region senior director at Common, a co-living and rental apartment management company.  
“Maybe I just want to be somewhere different, and I want to be somewhere

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My Thoughts on the Hybrid Art Form Trend of Broadway Digital Captures

Broadway, recognized around the world as perhaps the pinnacle of live entertainment, has a new peak: the live digital capture. Digital capture, also known as live capture, is the industry term referring to the recording of a stage production, ideally in front of a live audience in the theater. It’s not a film adaptation or movie but rather a hybrid of the stage production recorded in real-time with multiple cameras, sometimes over multiple days.

As a Broadway producer and in running a Broadway live capture streaming service, I’m already attuned to live captures as a hybrid art form. What’s exciting

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