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DIA fire escape is popular photography spot in Detroit

On a sunny spring day in Detroit, one staircase took center stage to host a variety of people looking to document the important milestones of their lives for one reason.

“Everyone knows if you have your photo taken in front of this, you’re going to look good. It just really compliments the photographs. It’s on par with the fountain on Belle Isle,” said Detroit Institute of Arts director of public programs Larry Baranski, about the marble-clad staircase at the rear of the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

“A lot of wedding parties seem to find it fun but actually it’s a

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Dia Mrad photographs after the 2020 Beirut explosion

Photographer Dia Mrad captures aftermath of 2020 Beirut explosion

Architecture-trained photographer Dia Mrad’s first solo show, ‘The Road to Reframe’, captures local architecture after the Beirut explosion of 2020, in terrible, dramatic, ‘surrealist’ stillness 

Through his first ever solo exhibition, ‘The Road to Reframe’, architecture-trained photographer Dia Mrad attempts to capture the essence of the Mediterranean city following the devastating Beirut explosion that took place in its port in the summer of 2020.

The show presents two series of photographs. ‘The Silos Experience’ was shot in and around the grain silos of the port of Beirut, ground zero of the

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