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The Best-Dressed Models, Editors, and Designers at Men’s Fashion Week Share the Stories Behind Their Looks

Does this represent a typical look for you, or do you like to try new things during Fashion Week?

I’m pretty chill when it comes to getting dressed: a pair of shorts, a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a jacket. Lots of layers. I’m very much a West Coast dresser, and this is the amped-up fashion version of that. I bike, walk, scooter, and run from show to appointment to show, which is how I get around [the city] at any time of year. So with anything I’m wearing, I have to make sure it’s functional. That said, there have been

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New Shop Boasts Beautiful Creations By Israeli Designers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed unprecedented growth in the digital and eCommerce sectors, Israeli entrepreneurs Sarah Peguine and Michal Freedman were already fielding requests from members of the international art community to buy Israeli art without physically being in the country.

The dynamic duo behind Art Source, an online platform offering advice to potential buyers interested in Israel’s best contemporary artworks, was looking for ways to meet the increased demand.

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“Even before COVID, we really saw a demand from the community. We saw that people who were

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12 Influential AAPI Designers Who Have Helped Reshape Fashion

As any established designer knows painfully well, there is no clear-cut path to success. Skills and talent somehow are not solely enough to break away from the competition.

Yet with fortitude and often longevity, these Asian American and Pacific Islander designers have distinguished themselves in the ever-competitive fashion industry. In addition to creating identifiable brands, they have brought in fresh perspectives, told new stories and, in some cases, interwoven elements of their heritage to design one-of-a-kind fashion.

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While design giants like Rei Kawakubo, Kenzo Takada, Hanae Mori, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto helped forge the way for

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