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Photography Copyright and Licensing Simplified and Explained

Although professional photographers may deal with copyright and licensing regularly, it is not right to assume that clients are just as versed. For that reason, an architecture photographer has put together a simplified explanation to help business owners better educate their clients on who owns the produced photos and how they can be used.

Questions surrounding copyright and licensing can be a complex issue to navigate not just for clients — who may not have dealt with purchasing and using intellectual property before — but also for beginner photographers who are just entering the business. Clear communication between the photographer

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The Jesus and Mary Chain Sue Warner Music Group for Copyright Infringement

The Jesus and Mary Chain are suing Warner Music Group (WMG) for copyright infringement and declaratory relief. The lawsuit, brought forth by bandleaders and brothers Jim and William Reid, was filed today (June 14) in a California federal court. In the lawsuit, viewed by Pitchfork, the Reids and their attorney argue that WMG has refused to terminate its copyright ownership of the band’s early work, namely the iconic debut Psychocandy. The Reids are asking for at least $2.5 million in damages.

The Reids and their attorney build their argument around Section 203 of the Copyright Act of 1976.

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Music publishers sue Roblox in $200 million copyright infringement lawsuit

The National Music Publishers’ Association has sued the popular gaming platform Roblox for copyright infringement on behalf of several music publishers in a lawsuit seeking $200 million in damages.

The Association alleges that Roblox “actively encourages” its players to utilize music from artists like Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and others without paying appropriate licensing fees. 

“That Roblox’s platform has become a repository for sharing unlicensed commercial music is no accident,” according to the lawsuit. “Roblox actively encourages its users to upload and share popular music to make the games on its platform more appealing and attractive to its

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