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The controversial street music that won’t be silenced

El Tarzi argues that the mainstream market has exploited Mahraganat as a source of profit while curbing its performers creativity. “The market embodied by the syndicate will not allow these singers to achieve. Hence it started to look down on them and force them to have permits,” she says. However, she asserts that Mahraganat singers should be dealt with like any other performers. “We should not approach them in a romanticised classist manner which sees them as slums residents or simple thriving artists.” 

In its attacks on the genre, the syndicate has stated it is considering asking YouTube and Soundcloud

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The controversial music that is the sound of global youth

However, in a 2020 article for the British Criminology Journal on the criminalizing of drill music, Jonathan Ilan, senior lecturer in the sociology department at London’s City University, stresses the need for nuance in how lyrics are interpreted. “Contemporary UK drill is being treated as if what it speaks about is literal truth,” he writes. He argues that many drill rappers exaggerate or fabricate violent stories because they know it attracts listeners: “This is not to deny that crime and violence take place involving drillers as either victims or perpetrators – rather, it emphasises not to view the violence as

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