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Color & Design-Residential Forecast: Trends reflect consumers’ desire for inner calm

By Terry Marchetta

Every year we experience change, but 2020 brought a whole new dimension to the world in which we live. The home became not just a place to reside but also a place to work, learn and play. With all the outside chaos, in 2021, we see consumers gravitating toward a home that helps them thrive in all areas of their lives-one in which they can feel comfortable

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Price Is Leading Barrier Preventing A Healthy Lifestyle Among Consumers

According to the 2021 AlixPartners Health and Wellness Survey, almost half (49%) of consumers across six major markets around the world believe that a healthy lifestyle has become more important over the past year, versus the 2% who believe that it hasn’t. Yet, in spite of this shift, healthy food and non-food products are only occupying, on average, 21% of consumers’ wallets across all product categories.
Meanwhile, 46% of US consumers believe that a healthy lifestyle has become more important, versus 2% as well who believe that it hasn’t, finds AlixPartners. 
The primary barriers preventing consumers around the globe from
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