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Art on the Trail: Cherry Valley Artworks event brings sculpture to community; opening to be held Friday, July 2

‘The Whole Earth Cabinet’ by the Dora P. Manny Collective in West Winfield is an interactive piece where visitors can take and leave gifts for other visitors (Greg Klein/Allotsego)

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

CHERRY VALLEY – The biennial Cherry Valley Sculpture Trail will open with a viewing and launch party scheduled for Friday, July 2.

Jane Sapinsky, executive director of Cherry Valley Artworks, said this year’s sculpture trail stands out because of the “beautiful pieces” and said that it is a “COVID-friendly activity.”

There are 24 sculptures, ranging from small ones to half-ton sized.

One piece, by

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All About Hoboken Youth Org Community Lifestyle

New Jersey is currently home to approximately 580,000 youth ages 13-19. One local organization is making sure this group does not go unnoticed through a myriad of programming offerings. Community Lifestyle is a non-profit organization in Hoboken whose mission is to promote prosocial friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope for the future. We had a chance to connect with CFO, Scott Somel, to learn more about Community Lifestyle based in Hoboken.

Getting Started

(Photo credit: @communitylifestyle)

Community Lifestyle was officially formed as a non-profit in June 2017 with the goal of helping teens and youth

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Beauty, Fashion Buys to Support LGBTQ+ Community

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Portland activist uses photography to determine what Black community really looks like

Activist and photographer Richard Brown has long been on the frontlines of Portland’s evolution. Among other things, he’s worked to bridge the divide between law enforcement and the Black community.

Brown grew up in 1940s Harlem where it wasn’t uncommon to see a famous person walking through the neighborhood. As a youth, he would wondered what life was like outside of the brownstones that he was accustomed to. He would spend time collecting stamps and looking at picture books which helped to fuel his imagination. Later he received his first camera, which

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Independent Active Lifestyle and Opportunities Highlight Princeton Windrows Adult Community

SUMMER DINING AT WINDROWS: The Nassau Patio, shown here, is just one of the dining options at Princeton Windrows, the independent, resident-owned active adult community. This popular patio is open for alfresco dinners in spring, summer, and fall. Patio heaters and a fire pit are available during cooler weather. Outdoor dining has become a big favorite for many who enjoy the pleasure of open-air eating opportunities.

By Jean Stratton

It’s all about choices.

At Princeton Windrows, the independent adult community for people 55 and older, residents have many options. Lifestyle, type of dwelling, eating choices, participation in activities, attending

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We Interview Suzanne Phoenix: Community, Communication, and Consent in Photography

Suzanne Phoenix is a photographer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is primarily portrait based, with a focus on developing and fostering community. We had an opportunity to connect and talk about the importance of relationships and consent in the photography world.

Suzanne didn’t start getting serious about photography until only about six years ago, but once started, she absolutely threw herself in. Prior to focusing on photography, she worked in community services and community development positions. In those roles, she worked with a wide variety of people, many of whom didn’t usually have their photograph taken or

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