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Grace Wales Bonner on her Spring-Summer 2022 collection

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Style Spotlight on Grace Wales Bonner

The designer’s latest collection, unveiled at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, journeys to Burkina Faso in the 1970s.

This story was produced as part of CNN Style’s partnership with Paris Fashion Week. See more coverage from the events throughout the year here.

London’s Grace Wales Bonner is a singular talent in today’s top fashion echelons. Britain-born and of Jamaican descent, her eponymous label has become a galvanizing force since its launch in 2014.

Wales Bonner’s thoughtful and thoroughly researched studies of the African diaspora and Black identity have helped to

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Etro Spring 2022 Menswear Collection

“The story goes that a group of Celts were sent on a quest with their druid and, of course, with their sacred animals. And this white boar, a female, stopped in this area where several rivers converge, and that is where the city of Milano was founded.” It was typical of Kean Etro to pause his pre-show collection description for an aside related to 590 BC and Chief Belloveso’s history-shrouded interaction with the mythical “scrofa semilanuta” (half-woollen boar) that was Milan’s first emblem. Etro is a man whose mind flies higher and wider than most—and, unlike many fashion-world eccentrics, entirely

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Fendi Spring 2022 Menswear Collection

“In a moment where our freedom has seemed to have limits, I think it’s also the moment to push it… so I really wanted to give a sense of freedom to this man. I think it’s the time to break boundaries.” So said Silvia Venturini Fendi over Zoom from her office high in the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the beautiful neoclassical (and less beautifully, Fascist-era) building that has been home to her family-founded brand since 2015.

From her elevated office, Fendi enjoys a dawn-til-dusk panorama of Rome’s famous seven hills that’s framed by the bulging Apennine mountains to the northeast

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Christian Dior Resort 2022 Collection

When a lockdown whim compelled Maria Grazia Chiuri to rearrange the furniture in her Paris apartment to make space for a pilates machine, she was responding to an instinct as old as time. “Sport is movement, sport is freedom. During lockdown, you would walk around your building just to get a sense of moving your body. That became our idea of freedom,” she said on a video call from Athens.

Her confinement reflections took her Dior Cruise show to a birthplace of sports, the Panathenaic Stadium, where Ancient Greeks worked up a sweat circa 330 BC. “I decided to show

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How to start your own art collection

Have you ever wondered why people start collecting art? At a glance, it may seem like an unprofitable and energy-draining hobby, but the reality is, in fact, more optimistic than you can imagine. Over the last decades, the art industry has become much more accessible to beginners, meaning that more people can now afford to buy art without breaking the bank. Moreover, collecting has become a fast-growing trend that continues to inspire art lovers around the globe.

However, there is a flip side of the coin. Collecting art is known for its complexity and pitfalls. If you do not do

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Ninja Gaiden Master Collection PS4 Review

The original Ninja Gaiden (well, not the original original on the NES) released in 2004 for the first Xbox (not the Xbox One, though the series has made its way onto that console as well). Two console generations later (three if you are lucky enough to have, and play on, a PS5), a remaster of a port that was itself a pseudo-remaster has arrived for the PlayStation 4, alongside its two sequels/remasters/ports. Confused? Don’t be – all you need to know is that our Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection PS4 review is here to clear up if you should drop the

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