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From fashion to field: shredded cotton clothing used to help grow future crops | Recycling

There are lots of places where unwanted cotton clothes could go to escape landfill – the op-shop, a garage sale or turned into rags for tradies.

But what about shredding them and putting them back into the soil? And what if, in a world of perfect circularity, that soil was on a cotton farm?

Cotton Australia launched just such a trial on Wednesday to see if old cotton textiles – including sheets and worn-out coveralls from state emergency services – could improve the soils on a farm in Goondiwindi, Queensland.

Farmer Sam Coulton and his grandson Harry spread two tonnes

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14 Celebrity Clothing Lines You May Have Forgotten About

Did you know celebrity fashion lines actually date back to the 1800s? Of course, they weren’t what they are today: They were mostly headed by famous opera singers or dancers. But having a prominent face behind a clothing collection is no new concept—they’ve just gotten more elaborate and splashy as the years have gone by. 

A big turning point for this was in the 2000s, when the explosion of celebrity really took over. With the rise of Internet blogs came an insatiable appetite for daily content around our favorite stars—meaning more appearances, more red carpets, and more launches for

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