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Male Teachers Wear Skirts in Solidarity with Student Bullied for Fashion Choices

Two male teachers decided to start wearing skirts to school in an effort to end bullying and encourage students to express themselves freely with what they wear.

Teachers Manuel Ortega and Borja Velázquez of the Primary Virgen de Sacedón in Spain began to wear skirts to their lessons throughout the month of May, according to the international outlet El Norte de Castilla. Ortega allegedly had overheard students use a “racist and homophobic” slur in reference to a male peer who wore an anime sweatshirt to school. The words were so hurtful that the anonymous student ultimately changed into another

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Newsroom – American Airlines Gives Customers More Inflight Lifestyle Entertainment Choices with FREE Access to Rosetta Stone and Skillshare

FORT WORTH, Texas — Imagine learning a new language, how to sketch or brushing up on your interior design skills, all by the time you arrive at your travel destination. Starting June 1, American Airlines will give customers more entertainment choices to enhance their travel experience thanks to an exclusive partnership with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare, making American the first U.S. airline to tap into online/remote learning from 35,000 feet.

Customers can choose from a collection of more than 150 creative, productivity or language classes, and learn for free on American’s new Lifestyle inflight entertainment channel.

“The importance of personal

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