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Faith: Happiness is a momentary choice | Lifestyle

When people are asked, “What do you want most in your life?” The desire to be happy is often ranked at the top of their list.

But why does happiness sometimes escape us? Are we grateful for gifts and blessings? And how can you live a truly meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling life?

I like what Abraham Lincoln once said. “People are as happy as they decide.” Our thinking can determine our feelings. Therefore, the way we feel may determine how we behave, what we can achieve, and the life we ​​live in. We tend to create whatever we expect, everything

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When renting instead of owning is a lifestyle choice for older tenants

Moving on from the family home can be a big step, but it opens the door to the next chapter. Forever Homes shines a light on the options for retirement in style.

We’ve grown up thinking that renting is something we do when we’re young, before and after the OE, or in the first few years of working. After that, we buy our own place.

This is no longer the reality. It takes, on average, 8.5 years to save for a deposit for a home, according to CoreLogic, and one-in-three Kiwi households (31.9 per cent) rent their home, says Stats

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Buying an EV isn’t just a purchase, it’s a lifestyle choice

This article was originally published by Brent Gruber from JD Power onClean Fleet Report, a publication that gives its readers the information they need to move to cars and trucks with best fuel economy, including electric cars, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids and advanced diesel and gasoline engines.

Conventional wisdom on what constitutes effective engagement with prospective buyers will have to be revisited if the automotive industry is going to effectively pivot to support the nascent — though growing — EV market.

  • To advance and meet projected electric vehicle (EV) production and sales volumes, a significantly higher level
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