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Jimmy Choo on How Covid Changed Fashion and Why He Thinks We Will Dress Up Again

Legendary designer Jimmy Choo parted ways with the company that bears his name two decades ago. But he continues to ply his craft, designing couture gowns, shoes and a new bridal collection. At the same time, he serves as a tourism ambassador for his native Malaysia and is launching a London fashion school to educate young designers.

Mr. Choo recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal about how Covid-19 changed the fashion industry, what motivates him to keep designing, and whether people will dress up again. The following are edited excerpts from the conversation.

WSJ: What has it been like

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The Complete History of How SoundScan Changed Popular Music Forever

Elton John twice. Stevie Wonder. Bruce Springsteen. Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. That’s it. The weekly Billboard album chart—launched in 1956 as Best Selling Pop Albums with Harry Belafonte on top, and known today as The Billboard 200—logged exactly six no. 1 debuts in the first 35 years of its existence. “The list is so famous, I can rattle them off off the top of my head,” says writer, podcaster, and consummate chart guru Chris Molanphy.

And then he does. Sir Elton’s two albums from 1975, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy and Rock of the Westies.

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