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LGBTQ+ photographers challenge social norms in family-making

Who is your family? Is it the people you inherit, or the community you choose?

‘Chosen’, an exhibition at New York’s Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art coinciding with Pride Month 2021, highlights eight queer emerging artists of colour who explore how ‘chosen families’ in LGBTQ+ communities challenge the social norms and biological imperatives of heteronormative family-making.  

‘We all seek love, nurturing, and loyalty, but queer people cannot always assume this from their inherited families,’ says Tariq Dixon, exhibition curator and founder of TRNK Editions, a gallery platform for emerging artists. ‘The exhibition celebrates the ways in which queer communities have broadened

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The week in TV: The Beast Must Die; Before We Die; The Great British Photography Challenge; Breeders | Drama

The Beast Must Die (BritBox) | britbox.com
Before We Die (Channel 4) | channel4.com
The Great British Photography Challenge (BBC Four) | iPlayer
Dark Matter: A History of the Afrofuture (BBC Four) | iPlayer
Breeders (Sky One) | sky.com

BritBox can be seen a little unkindly as the Gibraltar of streaming services, or the Malta. A bit too keen to embrace expats, a touch overly wrapped in past glories, with somehow a dusty whiff of mid-70s custard creams down the back of the sofa; and no one-worldly sophisto really wants to go there unless there’s absolutely no option, as we’ve

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