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Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Valerie Greenberg Share Summer ‘Must-Haves’ From a Top Celebrity on TipsOnTV

ATLANTA, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Summer is here, and everyone wants to make the most of it after a year of quarantine and masks. Celebrity Lifestyle Expert and Red Carpet host Valerie Greenberg has some timely tips and hacks for making the most of summer. Learn some must-have things to enhance the summer experience that will turn a busy lifestyle into some quality family time. Valerie discusses how the celebrities she interviews on the red carpet are spending their summer!


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Is the Newsstand the New Art Gallery? Magazines Are Swapping Out Celebrity Covers for Work by Famous Artists to Stay Relevant

Last summer, after weeks of protests precipitated by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two of the country’s most recognizable magazines used their covers to make a statement. And they each turned to artists—not photographers—to do it. 

For their respective September issues, which came out within days of each other, Vanity Fair commissioned painter Amy Sherald to make a defiant portrait of Taylor, while Vogue tapped artists Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel to make their own exultant paintings of Black women.

These images were a far cry from the tired Annie Leibovitz photographs usually found on the

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14 Celebrity Clothing Lines You May Have Forgotten About

Did you know celebrity fashion lines actually date back to the 1800s? Of course, they weren’t what they are today: They were mostly headed by famous opera singers or dancers. But having a prominent face behind a clothing collection is no new concept—they’ve just gotten more elaborate and splashy as the years have gone by. 

A big turning point for this was in the 2000s, when the explosion of celebrity really took over. With the rise of Internet blogs came an insatiable appetite for daily content around our favorite stars—meaning more appearances, more red carpets, and more launches for

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