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Photographer captures abstract bird flyby in front of the magnificent solar eclipse

Photos and videos of the recent partial solar eclipse are starting to come in, leaving me incredibly inspired. Photographer Zev Hoover made a series of photos that made my jaw drop the moment I saw them. He captured a sequence of a bird flyby in front of the solar eclipse, adding a dash of abstraction to this amazing scene. I spoke with Zev a bit about how he took them, and he kindly shared some details and of course – the photos – with DIYP.

Zev is an imaging engineer and photographer based in Boston. On 10 June, Zev, his

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Photography book captures the glamorous era of air travel

Photography book captures the glamorous dress code of bygone air travel

Come Fly With Me, published by Rizzoli, is an eclectic curation of photographs spanning decades and departure lounges

In its heyday, flying was an ultra-chic affair. The glamorous era of air travel in the 1950s and 1960s conjures up dress codes, lobster and steak served on crisp white tablecloths complete with clinking china, and a gentle overdoing it on the cocktail trolley, which rolled down the softly carpeted aisles with a reassuring frequency.

Now, a new Rizzoli-published photography book, Come Fly With Me, pays homage to these bygone

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Photographer Captures Crow Taking an ‘Ant Bath’ | Smart News

After a three-hour walk through a British Columbia nature reserve, photographer Tony Austin had a stroke of luck when a murder of crows landed about 40 feet up the path from him.

As one bird began violently rolling in the dirt and gravel, Austin snapped photos, he tells Cathy Kearney at CBC News. A closer look at the photos later revealed that the crow wasn’t just getting dusty. Its body and wings had become covered in black ants.

“You don’t often see crows that close. They were all strutting around,” says Austin to NPR’s Bill Chappell. “Only the

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Photographer Captures an Incredible Quadruple Microburst

Storm-chasing (and wedding) photographer Mike Olbinski was hunting for crazy weather phenomena to capture at sunset early this month when he was treated to a stunning sight: a quadruple microburst in which four columns of hail and rain were being dumped onto the landscape below.

Olbinski was running a storm-chasing tour on June 1st, with two guests in tow and his friend Brett Wright assisting.

“It was one of those days where the outlook was marginal, meaning no tornado chances, maybe not much of a chance of even a photogenic supercell,” Olbinski tells PetaPixel. “On days like that, if

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My Thoughts on the Hybrid Art Form Trend of Broadway Digital Captures

Broadway, recognized around the world as perhaps the pinnacle of live entertainment, has a new peak: the live digital capture. Digital capture, also known as live capture, is the industry term referring to the recording of a stage production, ideally in front of a live audience in the theater. It’s not a film adaptation or movie but rather a hybrid of the stage production recorded in real-time with multiple cameras, sometimes over multiple days.

As a Broadway producer and in running a Broadway live capture streaming service, I’m already attuned to live captures as a hybrid art form. What’s exciting

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