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Iggy Azalea Called Out for Blackfishing in New Music Video ‘I Am The Stripclub’

Iggy Azalea should know better by now. Ever since the white Australian-born rapper sauntered into the world of hip-hop on Louboutin heels with her breakout single “Work” in 2013, she has continually faced heat for appropriating Black culture.

But it’s now been a decade since Azalea first entered the industry, and she’s well-aware of the controversy she seems to routinely spark. So, why in the music video for her catchy, clubby new track “I Am The Stripclub,” would Azalea decide to push the boundaries even further?

The 31-year-old, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is seen in the first portion of

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A Photographer Called Out Quavo For Not Crediting Her In An Instagram Repost And Other Photographers Are Relating

A photographer is getting a lot of sympathy from her industry peers after she tweeted about a time in 2019 that Quavo reposted her photo without a credit on his Instagram account.

Breanna Seward, 25, is a multimedia artist and licensed aesthetician. Although the incident happened nearly two years ago, Seward tweeted about it this week and her tweet quickly went viral.

“I wonder how many bookings I would have got if homie had tagged me,” she wrote, sharing a screenshot from Quavo’s Instagram post of her photo.

Seward told BuzzFeed News that in September 2019, she was working as

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