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Me and My Dad: Sophie and Arthur Elgort on Making Fashion Photography a Family Business

When the coronavirus pandemic began, the Elgorts — the photographer Arthur; his wife, Grethe Barrett Holby; their daughter, Sophie, with her husband and their 3-year-old daughter; and their sons, Warren and Ansel — hunkered down together in their family home of 40 years on Long Island.

To pass the time, Sophie, who is 35 and also a photographer, began asking her father, who is 81 and made his name by taking fashion photography from the studio to the street, about the stories behind some of his most famous images.

He told her about Kate Moss dancing on a table at

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Local businesses in Myrtle Beach worry about business during Carolina Country Music Festival


Amber O’Dell and Hunter Stella, both of N.Y., had to detour blocks out of their way to return to their Ocean Boulevard hotel on Thursday. The pair are in town for Carolina Country Music Fest and plan to spend all four days at the event.

Max Alon, who owns three pizza shops in Myrtle Beach, has been looking forward to the Carolina Country Music Festival because of the thousands of music fans that come to the beach.

Alon, whose NY Pizza Kitchen, sits on N. Ocean Boulevard near 8th Ave N., said he has seen businesses completely blocked

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NFTs Shift Power to Artists as the Music Business Evolves

The Grammy-award winning musician and producer André Anjos goes by the stage name RAC, although as a bellwether in the radical ways the music industry is evolving, he might consider changing that to NFT.

Nonfungible tokens, a new type of blockchain technology that uses enforced scarcity to make digital goods collectible and valuable, have been on a tear. Earlier this year, Christie’s conducted the record-breaking $69.3 million sale of an NFT by digital artist Beeple. Around the same time, Anjos earned $708,000 for a collection of NFTs related to his latest album, YOU, more than from his combined album

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