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How Titans’ Kristian Fulton built a brand in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Although Tennessee Titans defensive back Kristian Fulton is entering his second season in the NFL, he is facing a different kind of rookie season this year. Kristian, 22, and his older brother Keith, 25, recently opened an urban wear boutique in Nashville called The Trenches.

“We came up with ideas and our goals, so when we had the opportunity we could make something happen. Once I knew I was going to the NFL

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How Martine Rose Built Fashion’s Last Subcultural Brand

Of course, some people will never know all the trends that arguably started with Rose. That would frustrate many designers—your work is some of the most influential of the past decade, and yet you remain something of an underground darling. But for Rose? Meh. And that makes her that rare, special thing: in an era of fashion when everything is for everyone, she remains a subcultural brand. Some of her weirdest pieces catch on only among the very few—and that’s her intention. “I’ve never really wanted to be part of a big thing,” she said last year. “Anything that

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