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alfons cabrera captures brutalist + rationalist facades of benidorm, spain

alfons cabrera unveils a series of photographs depicting the brutalist and rationalist facades of benidorm, a small town some hours far from barcelona, spain. apart from its disproportionate growth and its commitment to mass tourism, benidorm is characterized for its extreme urbanism and kitsch aesthetic. alfons took the pictures from the street if the angle was proper and no trees or any obstacles spoiled it, but also he didn’t hesitate to climb up to capture the perfect snapshot.all images courtesy of alfons cabrera



although alfons cabrera is a photojournalist focused on political conflicts, he enjoys architecture and taking pictures of

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yang xiao turns real brutalist monuments into surreal images

designer and photographer yang xiao blurs the line between reality and fantasy with a photo series titled ‘ETERNAL MONUMENTS IN THE DARK’. the project focuses on brutalist and soviet modernist architecture from across eastern europe, mainly ex-yugoslavia and ex-soviet countries. shooting at night using light painting techniques, xiao transforms the real edifices into eerie and otherworldly images that look straight out of a dystopian movie.

the battle of sutjeska memorial monument complex, tjentište, bosnia & herzegovina

all images by yang xiao



the project started nine years ago, and since then xiao has traveled to over 40 countries to document a

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