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When Fashion Brands Enter Football, Expect an Industry Earthquake

‘Beyond the Pitch’ is a weeklong dive into all things football (read: soccer) in conjunction with UEFA EURO 2020, rescheduled from last year and kicking off June 11. Head here for more of our immersive coverage.

In April, one of the biggest scandals in football history hit the sport. On the eve of the 18th, Spanish businessman Florentino Perez announced the secret formation of the European Super League. Universal outrage followed almost immediately. Fans accused the league of elitism, lack of competitiveness, and hoarding financial gains for themselves. Players and managers publicly protested on the field and social media, and

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These 6 Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Are the Future of Style and Luxury

The apparel and lifestyle-products industries, in their traditional forms, are built on a foundation of opacity: Who made that T-shirt you’re wearing? How were the workers treated in the factory that produced your sneakers? What was the environmental toll of crafting the handbag you carry each day? The answers to these questions are often hard to find — and that’s no accident. Behind the thick veil that masks fast-fashion’s inner workings are a host of disturbing practices that treat people and the planet as disposable … nearly as disposable as the cheap garments these companies manufacture and sell.

The silver

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Fashion Brands Are Betting on Streaming Ads | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Last month, CBD beauty label Lord Jones debuted its first advertising campaign, featuring a 30-second video of an Egyptian queen pretending to play dead so she can take a relaxing bath with Lord Jones products.

The campaign will appear in out-of-home ads and in commercials across linear — traditional network and cable — television, but Lord Jones was particularly keen to allocate money to a rising spot for advertisers: streaming networks. The brand bought ads on streaming apps that feature programming from HGTV and CNN.

“A lot of CBD brands have stepped into the mix since 2018,” said Summer Frein,

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