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Photographer Captures the Beautiful Dragon’s Blood Trees of Socotra

Landscape photographers are often explorers—lugging their gear to the far corners of the Earth, braving the elements for the perfect shot. Award-winning Russian photographer Daniel Kordan has been exploring since his childhood days in a lake region outside of Moscow. Today, he uses his experience in mountain climbing and a deep-seated love of nature to capture stunning landscapes from the Yukon to Kenya. His quest for images brought him to create a series of the Dragon’s Blood Trees on the remote island of Socotra.

The Socotra Archipelago is a series of four islands lying between the Guardafui Channel and the

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Rust Is Big Again On Twitch, Now With Beautiful Music About A Blood God

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Image: Cyr / Twitch

Trends come and go on Twitch, but the Blood God is forever. Or at least, that’s the impression I get from a cult dedicated to this imaginary deity is one of the central throughlines between Rust role-playing’s first popularity explosion late last year and its latest, which is happening right now. This time, though, the cult has a living, breathing soundtrack, and it is sensational.

Rust is doing big numbers again for many of the same reasons it did last time: It’s an excuse for heaps of streamers whose orbits don’t always overlap to coalesce

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How to photograph the super blood moon with your camera or phone

The super blood moon, otherwise known as the super flower blood moon, will be gracing our skies tomorrow – so it’s a good time to hatch a photographic plan to make sure you get a money shot of this pretty rare event.

This celestial event will be a special one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is the last ‘super moon’ of 2021. It’ll be taking place on May 26 because it’ll be passing just 222,116 miles from Earth – in galactic terms, mere cigarette paper’s width – which means it’ll look larger than usual.

But the reason the

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Super blood moon 2021: how to take a good photograph of May’s lunar eclipse with a phone or camera | The moon

With a super blood moon rising on Wednesday, many people will pull out their mobile phones to try and get an Instagram-worthy photograph of May’s total lunar eclipse and full moon, but unfortunately the moon is really challenging to get a great photo of.

Two reasons: it is very far away and unless you have a telephoto lens (which makes the moon appear closer than it is) it will always appear as a very small glowing dot in the frame.

Secondly, shooting at night is really difficult. Professional cameras allow you to change your ISO or your sensitivity rating

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