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10 Props To Use for Better Beverage Photography

With summer in full swing here in chilly Scotland, the slightly warmer weather has made me want to a more summer-themed series on my YouTube channel. To finish off the few prop videos I have been doing, and to start a summer drink series I decided to list 10 of my favorite drink photography props.

Just remember these are not essential for all drink photography, most a just a luxury in a prop collection so it’s best to have an idea about exactly what you will want to shoot and maybe pick a few things that suit your own style

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VinePair Podcast: Maintaining a Healthy Beverage Alcohol Lifestyle with NBC’s Joy Bauer

Aiming to cut back on calories and alcohol, but still want to enjoy a delicious glass of wine? Mind & Body Wines are your perfect solution. These low-calorie, low-alcohol wines are only 90 calories per serving and are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made without added sugar. With Mind & Body Wines, you can sip without sacrifice. You can learn more at mindandbodywines.com.

This week, on a bonus episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” host Adam Teeter is joined by Joy Bauer, NBC “Today” show’s healthy lifestyle expert. The two discuss the various ways to establish a healthy lifestyle with

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