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Dressage benefits from bangin’ music

TOKYO – OK, “cool” might be a bridge too far. We’re still talking about stodgy horse ballet done mostly by rich middle-aged Europeans that looks an awful lot like just going into circles to the untrained eye.

(I say that as someone who will vigorously defend the value and valor of equestrian events. But, really c’mon.)

But viral? Now that’s something Olympic dressage can aspire to. And for a sport that struggles to attract the admiration, or even attention, of the demographic that dictates internet trends, going viral could be key to the future.

At a spectacularly spacious venue just

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Columbus Community Hospital president benefits from healthy lifestyle program

COLUMBUS, Neb. — When Columbus Community Hospital President and CEO Mike Hansen wanted to improve his overall well-being, he didn’t need to look far for help.

Hansen signed up for the Complete Health Improvement Program, a three-month-long course at the hospital that promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. CCH has offered the program, commonly known as CHIP, for five years. Since then, more than 400 people have completed it, including Hansen, who was part of the most recent graduating class.

CHIP teaches participants how to make lifestyle changes that last to prevent chronic diseases. Even though Hansen considered himself healthy,

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For Long-Term Health Benefits, Choose Healthy Lifestyle Over Fad Diets

Will Hehemann School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

As fad diets continue to gain popularity, more people fall prey to solutions that promise big results, but in reality, don’t amount to long-term weight loss, Teresa Henson, Extension specialist – nutrition outreach coordinator for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 1890 Cooperative Extension Program, said. Maintaining a healthy weight is better guaranteed through healthy eating practices and physical activity.

“Fad diets and magical supplements are marketing ploys,” she said. “They promise great changes with little effort required by the person wanting to lose weight. In the end, however,

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