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Weight-loss Surgery Restores Lifestyle for Busy Medical Professional and Mom – Bariatrics/Weight Loss, Health Topics, Locations, Raritan Bay Medical Center

July 14, 2021

Luz DeJesus, of Sayreville, New Jersey, gained 60 pounds with her first pregnancy in 2004, and it stuck. “With my second pregnancy in 2014, I was very careful and only gained nine pounds,” she says.

The excess weight on her petite 5’2” frame was a burden on most aspects of her life. “I had no energy, I was mentally drained, and I couldn’t do certain physical activities with the kids,” Luz says. “I felt off-balance, which made me fall a lot and sprain my ankles.”

Luz really wanted to lose weight, so she tried technique after technique:

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2021 Best of the East Bay: Arts and Leisure | People + Style

The Orinda Theatre has been a key part of the community since 1941. 


The East Bay’s outdoor artworks are plentiful—and free to enjoy.

Our region has always been known for its public art projects,
 especially the bold murals that can be found throughout Oakland. 
Recently, this trend is even more
visible; it’s also become increasingly important to the cultural fabric of the community.

With museums and galleries closed during the pandemic, art aficionados had to make do with viewing art online, which is fine as a stopgap measure but

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