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TikTok Trend Uses Averaged Portraits

Now, however, TikTokers are using a chart of averaged faces from art history to see which of 18 historical art styles their faces resemble. The choices? Academism, Mannerism, Primitivism, Art Nouveau, Neoclassicism, Renaissance, Baroque, Northern Renaisance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Pop Art, Symbolism, Magic Realism, Post-Impressionism, or Ukiyo-e.

The art history chart on TikTok features 36 averaged faces from more than 18,000 portraits.

The chart was created by data analyst Aleksey Tikhonov, who detailed the making of the averaged images in a 2020 Medium post. Aleksey wrote that he started by culling around 18,500 portraits from the Painter by Numbers dataset

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