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Thousands attend Winston-Salem’s Juneteenth Festival with music, dancing, food, arts and history | Local News

In September 1862, President Abraham Lincoln proposed emancipation as a war measure to coerce the surrender of the treasonous states, offering them the opportunity to maintain slavery if they ended hostilities against the Union, said Anthony Parent, a professor of history and American ethnic studies at WFU.

When the southern states refused, Lincoln granted emancipation to the enslaved people once the Union lines reached those states, Parent said.

“He (Lincoln) did not emancipate the enslaved people in the states loyal to the Union: Maryland, Missouri, Delaware or Kentucky,” Parent said. “Making the war one of liberation opened the door to

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Mexico accuses mega fashion retailers of cultural appropriation | Arts and Culture News

Mexico says Zara, Anthropologie and Patowl have all used patterns distinctive to Mexico’s Indigenous communities and has requested each brand provide a ‘public explanation on what basis it could privatize collective property’.

Mexico has accused international fashion brands Zara, Anthropologie, and Patowl of cultural appropriation, saying they used patterns from Indigenous Mexican groups in their designs without any benefit to the communities.

Mexico’s Ministry of Culture said in a statement on Friday that it had sent letters signed by Mexico’s Culture Minister Alejandra Frausto to all three global companies, asking each for a “public explanation on what basis it could

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How To Support Asian American Visual Artists In Cleveland | Arts & Culture

Children’s book and editorial illustrator Julia Kuo considered Asian discrimination before the pandemic and the Atlanta shooting that left eight people dead, including six Asian American women.

“In my mind, I felt like this has always been happening, whether or not people are aware of it,” she said.

With more attention against Asian-hate, Kuo and two other greater Cleveland visual artists share their thoughts about discrimination and their visions for support.

Julia Kuo

[Erin Drewitz] 

Julia Kuo grew up in Southern California. Surrounded by immigrants of all types, she never really questioned her Taiwanese heritage as a child. 

“I feel

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NFTs: Digital Art’s Latest Trend Makes Its Way to Central Illinois

An Internet buying frenzy of digital arts and collectibles this spring marked a debut for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

At its most basic, an NFT records ownership and transactions. These are certificates of authenticity for the virtual world, tied to digital assets — such as image, music and video files.

Central Illinois digital artists are watching the format’s rapid rise in popularity, with some joining in.

Though around for several years, NFTs seemed to come from nowhere earlier this year — taking over podcasts, news articles, even a Saturday Night Live sketch.


And there’s money in it

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