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Founders of Apparel Company Hikerkind

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Jonathan Tasker / Imprimere

“Hot Bod” is a weekly exploration of fitness culture and its adjacent oddities.

Four years ago, two stylists’ assistants, Chelsea Rizzo and Allison Levy, met at a photoshoot for Gucci while heaving around beautiful clothes. They chatted endlessly about fashion, but it took a few times hanging out before they discovered their other mutual love: hiking. The pair began to take trains up to the Catskills and Breakneck Ridge. They bonded over gorgeous summits and some mutual frustrations — how difficult it was to find an outdoorsy community and how challenging

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A Look at Healthcare Apparel and Lifestyle Company FIGS

In this episode of Industry Focus: Wildcard, we break down the recently public FIGS (NYSE:FIGS), a company with a modern, more customer-first approach to the classic scrubs healthcare professionals wear. Listen in for why FIGS’ financials make it look like a software company, and the two big numbers that caught our eye going through the company’s prospectus.

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This video was recorded on June

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