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Lewis Hine, Photographer of the American Working Class

Late in his career, labor photographer Lewis Wickes Hine used his camera to capture the best of working life in the United States. As the New Deal ushered in job opportunities and social welfare programs for a large swath of the American population, he documented the country’s gradual recovery from the Depression. Photographs of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) childcare center mark a progression from his famous child labor photographs three decades earlier.

While he lived long enough to see robust federal aid that empowered laborers, Hine is best known for work that challenged capitalist exploitation in the workplace. Driven

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American College of Lifestyle Medicine Unveils Global Campaign May 30-June 5 to Highlight Urgent Need for Healthier Lifestyle

Activities of the week include helpful how-to information, daily zoom chats featuring lifestyle medicine professionals, physician and clinician testimonials, and health challenges—primarily on social media platforms.

Chronic disease, rooted in unhealthful lifestyle behaviors, is the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., having reached epidemic proportions. Sixty percent (60{1a2a5022a52b7f44d3c003be9afa129e2349806f3225e736ca8b1c4309d27447}) of American adults now live with at least one chronic condition, while forty-two percent (42{1a2a5022a52b7f44d3c003be9afa129e2349806f3225e736ca8b1c4309d27447}) have more than one. Chronic disease now accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in health care spending every year, representing as much as eighty-six percent (86{1a2a5022a52b7f44d3c003be9afa129e2349806f3225e736ca8b1c4309d27447}) of all health care expenditures.

Long before

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Newsroom – American Airlines Gives Customers More Inflight Lifestyle Entertainment Choices with FREE Access to Rosetta Stone and Skillshare

FORT WORTH, Texas — Imagine learning a new language, how to sketch or brushing up on your interior design skills, all by the time you arrive at your travel destination. Starting June 1, American Airlines will give customers more entertainment choices to enhance their travel experience thanks to an exclusive partnership with Rosetta Stone and Skillshare, making American the first U.S. airline to tap into online/remote learning from 35,000 feet.

Customers can choose from a collection of more than 150 creative, productivity or language classes, and learn for free on American’s new Lifestyle inflight entertainment channel.

“The importance of personal

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How To Support Asian American Visual Artists In Cleveland | Arts & Culture

Children’s book and editorial illustrator Julia Kuo considered Asian discrimination before the pandemic and the Atlanta shooting that left eight people dead, including six Asian American women.

“In my mind, I felt like this has always been happening, whether or not people are aware of it,” she said.

With more attention against Asian-hate, Kuo and two other greater Cleveland visual artists share their thoughts about discrimination and their visions for support.

Julia Kuo

[Erin Drewitz] 

Julia Kuo grew up in Southern California. Surrounded by immigrants of all types, she never really questioned her Taiwanese heritage as a child. 

“I feel

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Kristopher Pooley: The Man Behind the Music on ‘American Idol’ & Live Events Around the World

Kristopher Pooley isn’t offended when people ask him what it means to be a music director. His own family still asks questions.

“It can mean a number of things,” he insists over the phone to American Songwriter. “The job description is vague. Often, it’s something as informal as just providing an opinion, like a consultant.”

For example, The Chicks brought him on for their 2016-2017 reunion tour as “someone to bounce ideas off of.” The enduring country trio has plenty of road-worn experience, but getting back on stage after their extended time away, they turned to the live music expert

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