Questions Photographers Won’t Answer on YouTube

The internet has a wealth of information available for free, but there are some questions that photographers seem to dodge as a question. Especially the more British of those. Let’s try to answer a few of these.

Before making this video, I reached out to the online photography community to ask what they felt we photographers dodged and tried not to openly answer. From the obvious questions like how much we earn, how much are we paid to use certain items of equipment, and the deals we have between camera equipment suppliers and our online content, through to what I would do if I suddenly ran out of clients (I would be a school teacher). It also looks at the nuts and bolts of business, such as how much you need in savings, how much you need for your cash flow, and the costs of starting from nothing to owning a studio and kitting it fully out with everything you would need to shoot the latest top photography campaigns. 

However, the main interest was money. The money we earn, the money we charged, what was a normal or average day rate, what was the cheapest we would go, and what is the most we could make, which I tried to tackle in this video. Of course, these things change city to city, and country to country, not to mention the huge changes from each genre of photography (I wish I was into watches).

What do you feel that the industry likes to keep hidden away from those not in it? 

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