Peacock is back | Lifestyle

Florence, Italy-Darwin hated peacocks. Seeing one of their feathers made him sick. (Sure, he was hypochondriasis.) Still, the man who outlined the law of natural selection was well aware of the evolutionary purpose of the display, which is often rejected by humans as mere vanity. So, historicly flock to European menswear shows and play peacocks at the big menswear fair, Pitti Uomo.

Raphael Napoleone, CEO of Fair’s parent group Pitti Imagine, said at the end of June when he checked the number of men (and most of them) returning to the event, “I’m in general. I’m not content with my emotions. ” Like many Italian companies, it was mostly done by pandemics. “We were able to keep about 10,000 people safe, so I think this is a symbolic or actual reopening of the entire Italian fashion system.”

The peacock seemed to agree.

“Pitty is a great opportunity to re-express my personality and vanity, but as a provocative and positive message,” said Antonio, a Florentine hair stylist with a shaved head, a neat beard and a saucer-sized lens. Gramazzio said. .. 36-year-old Gramazzio heads out from one of the seemingly many second-hand clothing boutiques in Florence, Italy, on the second day of the fair in a double-breasted white silk blazer worn over a pleated skirt. It was. At his feet was Zara’s vintage taupe suede pumps.

“Men are starting to be more comfortable emphasizing the feminine side,” said Glamasio. “Above all, my appearance must be free.”

Chill relaxation is a feature of the latest version of Pittiuomo, if not exactly liberation, and instead of social media labels, Gucci get-ups (mules, bags, etc.) matched for street-style photographers. Hats, pajamas) tend to be paraded) or in short patterned sets, there are many men who improvise what is already in the closet, buy it second hand or wear their own. I did.

“I dress like this every day and every morning,” said Christian Degennaro, 31, editor of Switch, a digital lifestyle publication.

Although unlikely to please Pittiuomo exhibitors (not the stitches purchased at the store other than the Yankees cap), Degenaro’s monochromatic look (cowboy shirt with fringes, gray insurance assessor’s trousers) , Mandatory Nike) is its most steam fashion term. It was directional.

That direction had less to do with apparel trends than with major changes in attitude. In western Puritan, the pursuit of dress beauty is most often associated with the deadly sin of pride. Still, pride has its uses. In particular, it’s in the background of Google’s shimmering bodyless head, so after spending months, it tries to relearn what it’s like to get together again in real life.

“I completely believe in vanity,” said Degenaro. .. “

“There is a real difference between self-confidence and pure ego,” said his friend Emanuele Tumiday. Designer Tumiday, who created his own drop crotch jeans with deep folded cuffs and a laser-printed vest / apron, said. (His Mounted hat and skivvy T-shirt were found on the internet.)

“Vanity is a double-edged sword,” said Tsumidei in her thirties. “It’s important to love yourself. It’s only bad if you love yourself a little too much.”

Just days before Pitti Uomo began, the Hermès menswear fashion show was officially returned to Paris for Fashion Week (previously Giorgio Armani in Milan was recognized for its kick-off) and both industry and pursuit. The enthusiastic return was closed. It remains one of the most powerful drivers of modern culture, despite all its shortcomings.

As anyone familiar with TikTok, hip-hop, YouTube, and the NBA knows, parts of modern life are rarely influenced by fashion. While the pandemic has driven the world indoors for safety, the evolutionary desire to disguise itself has proved difficult to suppress.

In a temporary area behind the scenes of the National Furniture Vault on the outskirts of Paris, Hermès designer Verony Knichanian said, “We are all ready to come back together.”

When we do, whether we are wearing an ultra-sophisticated version of the basic (just human) version of the wardrobe of Nichanian-many using the lessons of the current trend of upcycling. Made-It’s almost unquestionable that everyone in all gender or gender presentations is fed up with dullness Pandemic feathers.

“Honestly, elegance is in the heart, after all,” said Defustel Ndjoko, 45, a very elegant designer from Cameroon. “The appearance is just one part of it.”

Ndjoko’s view is that despite showing a collection of menswear in Milan a few weeks ago, the co-best of luxury supplier Brunello Cucinelli, who was committed to the future of Pitti Uomo with the usual gorgeous stand. Shared by Chief Executive Officer Luka Risandroni (42).

“I don’t think it’s a vanity to pay attention to how it looks and how it’s dressed properly,” said Risandroni, who was impeccable in his pandemic wardrobe. “I spent 28 days alone in my apartment, so it feels like a magical moment to have a reason to dress up again. To be honest, I didn’t even wear underwear. But two years of hoodies and sweatshirts. Pants are enough. “