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The Norwalk Memorial Home has added a gerontologically certified social worker to the long-term care team.

According to a Fisher Titus news release, Laura Butler, a social worker at the Norwalk Memorial Home and Fisher Titus Transition Care Unit (TCU), recently received a gerontological accreditation in social work.

“We are very proud of Laura and thank you for having the expertise for our residents at the Memorial Home and TCU here,” said Fisher-Titus Senior Services. Director John Tucker said. “Because gerontology is a study of aging, this qualification reflects her professional training in the process of aging and the resources available to older people and their caregivers.”

According to the release, Butler has worked as a clinical therapist before coming to a long-term care environment.

She worked in a closed psychiatric facility, including a geriatric psychiatric ward.

Butler joined Fisher Titus in January.

She holds a master’s degree in clinical social work, has a trauma-focused certification, and is currently a gerontological certification.

“This certification helps us better understand how we can help our residents,” Butler said. “To meet their needs, we need to understand what they are, including the misconceptions and beliefs we have about aging.”

Gerontological certification of social work requires 25 hours of work, progressing Alzheimer’s disease, death and death, pain management, mental connectivity, understanding of the effects of medication, mental health, signs and symptoms of elder abuse Explained the detailed application and understanding of. The release includes not only a theory of what happens as an individual matures, but also a disregard.

“At the Norwalk Memorial Home, we are knowledgeable, compassionate, and proud to always bring the best interests of our residents to the forefront of everything we do,” Tucker said. “Laura’s new certification and knowledge will help us to gain a deeper understanding of the population we serve and will be able to coordinate the best possible care for our residents.”

According to the release, Butler and another social worker, as social workers in a long-term care environment, will be responsible for discharge planning, care meetings, connecting residents and family resources, working with care teams, and assessing residents. I am in charge.

Norwalk Memorial Home provides advanced long-term care tailored to the resident’s goals, such as returning home, improving stamina and mobility, or living comfortably to meet changing health needs.

Residents receive nursing care and 24-hour medical supervision by highly trained nurses and certified resident assistants.

The Norwalk Memorial Home accepts admission for long-term care and skilled visits.

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