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After a stressful day, we need time to relax and engage with our creative or playful side. Engaging in hobbies typically provides more joy and relaxation than passively watching television or spending time on the internet.

Being Intentional with Time

Time was strange during the pandemic. Many people felt that they had too much time, while others felt that there was not enough time to manage all their new responsibilities. Some people felt simultaneously that they had both too much time and not enough time.

With their extra time, many turned to the internet, reading various news articles about the state of the world. To maintain good mental health, it was important to be very intentional with time. This meant limiting news consumption and social media, scheduling exercise, and scheduling activities for children.

People who were short on time had to make hard decisions about how best to spend their time. This meant giving up certain activities that seemed important or doing things less than perfectly to conserve time.

As our days become more structured and our schedules become filled, we can still choose to be intentional about how we spend our time. We can choose to spend time on activities that support good mental health and well-being.

Social Selectivity

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