Lorraine Relief Army Captain Goes Forward | Lifestyle

Being in Lorraine for the past few years as a Salvation Army captain has given Jimmy and Melissa Susa great joy.

The couple moved to Lorraine in 2014 with their eldest son, Danny (now 10 years old).

Sousa said Ohio has lasting roots because her two youngest children, Ethan (4 years old) and Benjamin (18 months old), were born here.

“They love it here. They’ve always been fans of the Browns.”

Rev. Jimmy Susa was born in Colombia, South America, and his wife Melissa is from Peru.

When they were young, they grew up in New York.

Their next move will bring them a little closer to home.

Jimmy Susa says he learned culture while in Ohio.

“I miss how kind people are,” he said.

June 27th will be the last day of the Salvation Army.

Service starts at 11am

New officers of the Lorraine Relief Army will swear on the first Sunday of July.

“The main thing is that we were able to build good and strong relationships with different institutions and leaders. We were able to connect in partnership, work together as one and overcome our needs. “

He said the big goal is not only to meet their needs, but also to get them back on track.

“We are really trying to provide mitigation, so people know that if they need food, they can come to the Salvation Army.

“If they needed a blessing or someone to pray for them, they knew they could come to us.”

Sousa and his wife did not expect a new global coronavirus pandemic to occur while they were serving, but they were able to help those who needed it most. He said he believed.

“Since COVID, we have been able to confront people’s struggles,” he said. “I didn’t expect this to happen, but previous programs helped people overcome it.”

Interaction with other churches and organizations helped them achieve their goals, Susa said.

“Lorraine isn’t the same as when we first came in 2014, but not only for us, but for the love of the leaders and institutions that took care of us,” he said.

“We feel that we are fortunate to have been able to build these relationships and influence the community.”