Harry Styles to Yung Raja: These 12 cool men are nailing the male nail art trend

Harry Styles’ may be the style savant our generation deserves, but nail art is hardly a new trend. It can be traced back to icons like David Bowie and Kurt Cobain, whose painted nails at the time – back in the 1980s – were considered radical. Bowie favoured metallic blue varnish, while Cobain preferred cherry red tips.

Actors like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp then made it mainstream, with Pitt sporting striped nails at a film festival back in 2015 and Depp sporting polished tips on more than one occasion.

Lately, though, it’s become increasingly commonplace. Now, men are not just embracing painted nails as a form of individualism but are also experimenting with acid hues, multi-coloured nails, detailed nail-art, flashy embellishment, and hardware add-ons with ease.

Not everyone’s jam, understandably, here are 12 men who have made painted nails and nail-art a core part of their individual style. This is for those of you who may want to swipe a coat or two.

12 famous dudes owning nail art: 

1.A$AP Rocky

Whether it’s his blinged-out jewels or his out-there nail-art, A$AP Rocky has got some serious swag. The rapper embraces self-expression to serve looks that both men and women can take a lesson or two from. If you’re doing it the Rocky way, opt for detailed nail art like his signature eyeball motif. And make sure no two tips are alike.