Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes: Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is a yearly festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The day is celebrated by fasting, distributing food and sweets, praying, sing, and visiting Krishna temples.

Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the day of the Krishna Paksha at the Hindu month of the lunar Hindu calendar, and Krishna paksha at Bhadrapad of the lunisolar Hindu, which corresponds with August or September at the Gregorian calendar. Joyful Krishna Janmashtami. Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami is said to be the day when Lord Krishna was born and people send Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes to all.

It’s celebrated on Ashtami in Krishna Paksha, and also the eighth day of the dark fortnight, at the month of Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar.

As being a day of celebration, it’s the best time to send good wishes to your family members’ way. Below are a few images, quotations, and messages for submitting your mates to relatives on this auspicious occasion. On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, here’s a collection of Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes greetings and Happy Krishna Janmashtami Status to share on SMSs, WhatsApp, and Facebook with your near and dear ones.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

May Lord Krishna’s flute invite the 
melody of love into your life.
May Radha’s love teach not only
how to love but to love eternally!
May Krishna shows you the way in your life as
He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle 
of Mahabharata.
Have A Blessed Krishna Janmashtami!
Logo ki raksha karne Ek ungali par pahaad 
uthaya Ussi kanhaiyya ki yaad dilaane 
Janmashtami ka paavan din aaya. 
Happy Janmashtami
You have the right to work, but never to the 
fruit of the work. You should never engage in 
action for the sake of reward, nor should 
you long for inaction. - Lord Krishna
Yashoda ke Krishna ke,
Radha ke Shyam ke,
Gwalon ke Kanha ke,
Gopion ke Makhan Chor ke,
Janamdin ki Hardik Shubh Kamnayen!
It is very obvious that there will 
be victory of truth always,
So always try to do the things told by
Krishna and behave like a lord Rama
Janmashtami ke is shub avsar par. 
Hum ye kaamna karty hai ki. 
Shree Krishna ki kripa. 
Aap par, aur app ke pure parivar par . 
HAmesha bani rahe !. 
Happy Janmashtami.
Man is made by his belief. 
As he believes, so he is. 
- Lord Krishna
Gokul mein jo kare niwas,
Gopiyo sang jo rachaye raas,
Devki yashoda jinki maiya,
Aise hamare Krisha Kanhaiya.
Happy Krishna Janamashtami!
Krishna ki mahima,
Krishna ka pyar,
Krishna me shradha,
Krishna se sansar,
Mubarak ho apko Janmasthami ka tyohar!
Celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna 
who enchants everyone by his 
playful mischiefs.
Happy Janmashtami!
If you don’t fight for what you want;
Don’t cry for what you lost.
~The Bhagavad Gita
Makhan ka katora, 
mishri ka thaal, 
Mitti ki khushbu, 
barish ki fuhar, 
Radha ki ummeed kanhaiya ka pyar 
Mubarak ho apko Janmashtami ka tyohar 
Wish You Happy Janmashtami.
May Lord Krisna's flute invite the melody 
of love into your life. May Radha's love 
teach not only how to love once but to 
love eternally! 
Haathi ghoda palki, Jai Kanhaiya lal ki.
Shri Krishan Bhagwan aapki har manokamana puri karein.
Janamdin ki hardik shubh kamnayen!
“May Lord Krishna come to your house & 
take away all your Makhan- Mishri 
with all your worries & sorrow”.
Mor mukut makar aakriti kundal Aur bajanti mala, 
Baso more nainan me nandlala. 
Happy Janamasthami.
On this precious day Lord Krishna was 
born to fight against inhumanity and save 
trust in God. Happy Janmashtami!

Krishna Janmashtami Festival is celebrated on the 8th day that’s named Ashtami of the dark fortnight, i.e., Krishna paksha at Bhadrapad month, which falls on August-Sept of Hindu calendar. Ashtami means eight. Rasa Lila, also known as Raas Leela. Rasa dance is part of Krishna’s story. Rasa Lila is a unique attractiveness for Mathura and Vrindavan regions and, additionally, regions that follow Vaishnavism in Manipur.

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