Fall Nail Art Ideas to Recreate

As the temperature begins to drop and the season transitions from summer to fall, one way to usher in the annual occasion is by testing out a new nail art design or swiping an autumn-inspired polish color onto your fingertips. If you believe that fall nail art and nail polish trends are less bold and colorful than their summer counterparts, think again. Below, we spoke with the experts for their top fall 2021 nail trend predictions, and spoiler alert: they’re way more fun than you may expect.

Earth- and Jewel-Tone Nails

Fall is the perfect time to swap out your neon nail polish colors for some fall hues. Both Jessica Tong-Ahn, nail ambassador for Smith & Cult, and Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist and nail ambassador for Kiss, believe that earth and jewel tones (think rust oranges, deep blues, rich purples, and vibrant marigolds) will become increasingly popular these next couple of weeks. “This summer has been all about pastels and neons,” says Tong-Ahn. “As we move into fall, I think we can expect to see more earth and jewel tones.”

Also, don’t think that you have to stick to just one shade when painting your nails. According to Lexi Suga, owner of Notox Hills Nail Salon in Beverly Hills, “Simple things like mixing and matching colors like mustard yellow and brick red says ‘fall’ without going overboard.”

Opt for this nail art trend if you want to take your fall nail shades up a notch. “Animal prints are fun for fall and easy enough to DIY,” says Tong-Ahn. Because the designs look more realistic when they’re not too perfect, there’s a lot more room for error than other nail art designs. “You could start with an easy cow print or Dalmatian spots.”

The checkerboard nail-art trend will still be going strong for the next few months. “This summer was all about wavy, abstract, and psychedelic-style designs,” says Tong-Ahn. “But for fall, I see more structured, colored patterns beginning to grow more popular.”

The nostalgic resurgence that’s fueling our fashion choices is also influencing this season’s nail trends. “We’ve already seen our summer nails be heavily influenced by the ’90s,” says Lexi Suga. “Smiley faces, tie-dye, and big, colorful daisies are everywhere.”

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