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I would like to share with you this sweet poem that my dear reader sent to me.

  • On God’s footrest to confess, a poor soul knelt down and bowed.
  • “Failed,” exclaimed the man.
  • But the master said:
  • “Son, you did your best … it’s a success.”

The best goals and the best rewards are in the effort to maximize your potential. What you devote to life, quality, joy, faith, love, enthusiasm, courage, and foresight determine your success. If you take it seriously, there is no word for failure.

Recently, a dear reader said, “My son was an addict and an alcoholic. In the last decade, he spiraled down into that dark evil hole of addiction. He died from three overdose. After that, I hit the bottom. My wife and I finally had to separate ourselves to stay sane. It was necessary to overcome this by joining the Naranon group. I learned the tools. After more than 15 rehabilitations, my son eventually moved to the northern part of the state, resumed halfway house rehabilitation, and began to recover again. He spent all his life. Lost. His fiancée, college education, work, and money almost extend to his back clothes and family. “

The letter went on, “Through this trial, I knew he needed to believe in God, because this is the only way to a full recovery. I always use God’s power through me. And say the right thing and teach him the right thing to think about. “

“It all depends on my son to be alone in the distance, and he learned to rely on God. He found a job and had many difficulties, but he worked tenaciously. He was bullied, ignored, and tried to get along with his colleagues, but some were selfish and uncaring. His manager had very trivial or no problems just to make fun of his accent. He was always verbally abusing him, even though he wasn’t. He arrived early in the morning and prepared for the day. He did the hard work of assembling motorcycles, jet skis, etc. He was not allowed to work in the cold or in the heat. Thanks to his belief, his son remained positive, moving forward and trying to improve the situation. “

We all experience unfairness. You may have been abused. There may have been bad breaks or mistakes in the past. But don’t give up on the future with that as an excuse. God knows what you have done and saw the tears you shed. And God respects your faith. So don’t quit. You have more possibilities than you think. Eventually, the tide of battle begins to change.

I continued reading. “My son’s position as an experienced repair technician has been decided in-house. He applied, but his boss never even interviewed. His hope was that he wanted to go somewhere in the company. It quickly disappeared, but he did not give up. Throughout this time he was able to get his drinking on track by relying on the Lord. His faith grew greatly and from God I’ve seen many signs of encouragement. “

Interestingly, this reader’s son did not consider himself a victim and never stopped trying to do what he could. It wasn’t easy, but he continued to pursue excellence with a good attitude and embraced every new opportunity.

The letter concludes, “Suddenly I received an email asking if my son was interested in working as an AutoCAD engineer at a construction site. He called and applied. During the interview, the company said. I was very impressed with him. They offered him a job with more money on the spot and paid him to finish college education to become a mechanical engineer. Thanks for the new opportunity. And he notified me two weeks before he left another company, and a few weeks ago my son started a new job. He was excited to get going in engineering and together The people who work are kind and friendly. My son told me that it wasn’t all a coincidence and he knew that God was leading him. I am now educated. I hope I can continue to meet good friends. He is a good and caring Christian and I want to see him succeed. “

Just as God has made a good plan for this reader’s son, God has a great plan in your life, and he now takes you so far to disappoint you. Did not go. God says to you today: Good. Therefore, put your trust and trust in him. Its trust and joyful expectations can turn the impossible into reality.

So if you hit a stumbling block, boldly get over it, as we all do. If God gives you a dream and a vision for the future, never let it go. Try to achieve it over and over again. Keep your goals firmly in place so that your puppy can hold his shoes in his mouth. Grab them and refuse to let them go, like that persistent puppy!

It is always the habit that the most patient is the most successful. So please act. Go ahead. Instead of sitting still and waiting for something to come, let’s do something in life. God feeds the smallest birds. Still, he has no food in the bird’s nest. The bird has to go out and find it. Similarly, be self-reliant, persistent, purposeful, and strive for your aspirations.

Regardless of past mistakes, please continue to do your best. Make the most of yourself and live for the purpose for which you were created. Because God gives you divine trust. He has given you extraordinary dreams, extraordinary talents and abilities to bless the world. Use your gifts for the glory of God and the improvement of mankind. That way, you’ll get an eternal dividend.

And that is … the greatest success I can think of.

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