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Are you facing a seemingly impossible situation? Does what you want from God seem unlikely to happen? Is your faith being tested?

Perhaps you feel completely trapped, hedged, overwhelmed and see no solution. Maybe you are facing the challenge of having no solution. Or your mind is suspiciously heavy because you don’t know what to do next. There seems to be nothing you can do about what you are facing right now. On an emotional roller coaster, you may be wondering, “How can I change things better?”

But Impossible is the platform for God to do his best work. Have faith. For humans, that may not be possible. But with God, everything is possible.

“Faith does not work in the realm of possibility. There is no divine glory in what is humanly possible. Faith begins at the end of human power.” George Müller.

In the Bible, God led the Israelites to the Red Sea via the wilderness. Then he guided people in a big circle. As people were camping on the edge of the Red Sea, they noticed that the mountains were on one side and the sea was on the other.

When the Israelites saw the distant Pharaoh soldiers rushing towards them, they apparently seemed trapped without an escape route. People were afraid and despaired and shouted to Moses. They didn’t seem to have any hope.

But Moses trusted God in this impossible time. Moses did not upset, give up, or succumb to despair. Rather, Moses turned people’s attention to God and, as he said, calmly gave the solution.

“Don’t be afraid. Stand firmly. And you will see the salvation of the Lord. The Lord will fight for you while you are silent.” (Exodus 14: 13-14) ..

Then God told Moses to “advance” to the Israelites. Moses lifted the wand and extended his hand over the sea to split it. God intervened because he prefers to work in situations that sometimes seem impossible. He blew a dramatic strong wind. The water broke up. And people walked to the other side safely on the seabed, on dry ground.

Like the Israelites, they can be placed in temporary but difficult places, or in seemingly impossible situations. Still, it seemed like a mess to the Israelites, but God turned into a miracle. And today God can do the same for you.

No matter what challenges you face today, don’t be afraid to stand firmly and move forward. You are too far away to retreat and stop. Trust God because God is Almighty. “God will guide you constantly” (Izaya 58:11), so “don’t worry about anything.” (Philippians 4: 6) “God is your power and power” (2 Samuel 22:33). Because God promised to “return two blessings for each of your worries.” (Zechariah 9:12).

Not long ago, a reader wrote to me about how she experienced many difficulties in her life. Painful past, divorce, illness, unemployment. “But God was consistent with his guidance and was always there to cover me and carry me,” her memo said.

This reader may have been increasingly discouraged and trampled, thinking that her best days were over. However, she said in a letter that she decided to lead a fulfilling and productive life after the initial shock subsided. She realized that the impossibility she was facing could be a divine opportunity to show herself on her behalf. Next, the reader chose to go out on his limbs, rekindle his old dreams, and pursue the opportunity to go to nursing school. It was difficult, but I hugged with motivation and proceeded toward the future. She graduated from school and soon found a satisfying job at a local hospital. There she met a special person who believed she was her only companion. A year later, they got married. “God made the impossible possible and returned me more than twice because of my loss and suffering,” she writes.

So trust in God, even if things don’t make sense at this point. Seek God from the bottom of your heart in prayer. Keep expecting, believing, and be patient. There are no obstacles that are too great for God to turn for your great benefit.

At one point, a teenager asked three mothers, “Why do you love your child?” Immediately the mother replied, “Because they are mine.”

God loves you because you are God, just as God loves you. So look boldly with hope and confidence in the future. Every day, we expect the best that God has for your life. And with the eyes of your heart, go in front of you, stand behind you, and visualize the great Creator of the universe who will guide you through all the steps you take. God has a plan for you and is miraculous in the midst of your greatest challenge. With more love, more joy, and more blessings, victory is prepared for you.

I remember the beautiful words of the song I posted in my office. In the words of talented songwriter and musician Don Moen:

  • “God will pave the way
  • Where it seems unavoidable
  • He works in a way we can’t see
  • He will pave the way for me
  • He will be my guide
  • Hold me tight on his side
  • With love and power
  • Every new day
  • He will pave the way
  • He will pave the way. “

God can change impossible situations. He sometimes behaves strangely, but in a miraculous way it provides what you need. And it will be much better than you can imagine.

So do what you can. Then God will do what you can’t do. There is nothing impossible for him.

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