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Early one weekend morning, I was sitting at the front door and reading a Bible story. Paul and Silas were imprisoned from Acts 16. They were trapped, their feet fixed, and they were trapped in a cell. The situation for Paul and Silas was tough and their future seemed hopeless. But with boldness and self-confidence, they continued to focus on trusting and praising God.

Verse 25 states: “Around midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang a hymn to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly, a violent earthquake shook the foundation of the prison. , All prison doors opened and everyone’s chains loosened. “

At one point things seemed dark to Paul and Silas. But soon, in the next moment, God moved, the chains holding Paul and Silas separated from them, and the prison wall collapsed. The power of God has changed the situation.

Do you need a miracle? Maybe you will find yourself at the end of your hope. Perhaps you are trapped in a chain of the past. Or you may be exhausted and bound by the bondage of doubt and think, “There is no reason to count my blessings or praise God.”

But if you are “more pleased than ever” (1 Thessalonians 5:16), speak out with praise and gratitude, and God will listen to you and help you. And soon, like Paul and Silas, you will experience a tremendous breakthrough, and you will be on your way to victory.

Thus, remember that God is greater than any problem you may face, spit out worries and worries, and inhale love and gratitude. God has guided you so far, and he will continue to guide you. So accept the attitude of gratitude and continue to appreciate all your graceful gifts, even when life makes no sense at all. Let go of the little hassle. By rehashing small frustrations, they can grow into big frustrations and, as a result, discourage you. Like the familiar phone numbers you often call, when you repeat the mistakes of others or ponder an unfair situation, the disappointment of that phone number quickly becomes a second nature. Turn your fears into positive thoughts. And choose not to live with bitterness, negativeness, or dissatisfaction. No matter what’s happening around you, there’s always a reason to be grateful. So keep praising God. Praise is a powerful force against discouragement. Giving gratitude and praise can calm your nerves and open your mind to new possibilities and hopeful expectations. Gratitude can instantly change your attitude towards yourself and your future.

You may not be where you want to be now. But you can be tenacious and thank you for your approach to success every day.

Perhaps you were wrong. Now let it go and move on to living the rich life that God wants you to live. Believe that God works for you.

Or you may have failed or made a mistake in the past. But today is a new day, so thank you for being able to dream new dreams, set new goals, and work hard to achieve them. God can give you a second chance.

Start each morning by making a spiritual or written list of three or four things you are grateful for. Then close your eyes and thank quietly for a few minutes several times a day and look at the “thank you list” again. For God has promised that your power will be renewed like an eagle when you remind yourself of the benefits that God has sent to your way every day.

Then repeatedly tell yourself, “I’m strong,” “I’m worth,” “I’m talented,” “God is planning for me,” and “the future is bright.” Please give me.

The situation of belief will be better, and they will be better.

If you think about success, you will succeed.

Speak as if you were blessed, and you will be blessed.

Not long ago, I received an email from a gentleman who wrote about the importance and gratitude of praising God. He writes: “When I heard people always talk about the very important things of gratitude, and in all situations, I was very skeptical. But I think the happiest people are their lives. I continued to realize that I was always grateful and grateful to people and things in my life, so I took the opportunity to try it. ”

The letter continued. “I decided to thank every person and thing in my life several times a day, every day, and realized that it brought me happiness. Thank you for your computer, apartment, shoes, teeth, eyes, hands, feet, health, etc. Then something good happened. I feel better every day! If you thank what you already have, God has seen smooth the way to achieve what we don’t currently have, so now I thank God today and tomorrow and It turns out to be a miraculous path to happiness for all of us tomorrow. “

Like this gentleman, we thank you and look for the best in every situation. Take the time to thank God and remind us of God’s love and faithfulness. Thank yourself and the people around us. Focus on all the right things in our lives. Gratitude expands the mind and allows more good to enter. Therefore, it helps us to create the future we want.

When my friend Michelle takes a walk in the park with her 2-year-old daughter Lucy, wildflowers grow on the path. Lucy then stops and sniffs all the flowers.

Do it like Lucy and enjoy life more completely. Thank you for all the good things around you. Help others. Give love and compassion. Please rest assured. Walk with God and trust him in all things. And, as you do, God pours his blessings into more parts.

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