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The Beauty of Black Photography – OZY

We all know the importance of having representation in front of the camera, but what about behind the lens? In this time of social upheaval, when images of the historic events and tragedies unfolding on our streets shape our daily conversations — and our politicians’ actions — who, and where, are the Black documentary photographers?

The reality is that African American photographers have not always been valued and recognized for their artistry. In May, singer SZA turned down a magazine cover shoot after the unnamed publication allegedly refused to hire a Black photographer to take her portraits. That may be

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Watch This Photographer Turn an Ugly Location Into a Great Photoshoot

If you have a big budget for an editorial shoot or you’re lucky enough to live near some beautiful scenery, then finding an ideal location for a portrait or fashion shoot won’t be an issue. However, the vast majority of photographers have to work with less than that, so here are some great tips to get creative in ugly environments.

In this video from Adorama TV, portrait photographer and educator, Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge, uses a bleak-looking multi-story parking lot as a location for an environmental portrait shoot. There’s nothing at all fancy about the space and Jirsa is

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5 Tips for Better Landscape and Nature Photography

You could spend a lifetime out in nature with your camera and still barely scratch the surface of what is out there to photograph. If you would like to improve your landscape and nature photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features five helpful tips that will improve your work and expand your creative palette. 

Coming to you from Chris Burkard with B&H Photo and Video, this awesome video tutorial will show you five tips for improving your landscape and nature photography. Of the tips, one that I think is especially crucial is the importance of paying close

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Northeastern University photography continues to win national awards

As the United States closed in on a year inside, quarantining from COVID-19, Johnson & Johnson made a major announcement: The company had developed a single-shot vaccine, and would deliver hundreds of millions of doses to the country by March 2021.

Matthew Modoono. Photo by Adam Glanzman

It was great news in the fight against a devastating pandemic, and sent newsrooms, including [email protected]’s, scrambling to analyze what it all meant. It also meant that newsroom photographers had to work quickly to illustrate a story that was unfolding in real time.

“We were working on the news coverage right as

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Photographer Turns Abandoned Monuments into Futuristic Art

A photographer has traveled across the world — mainly ex-Yugoslavia, ex-Soviet, and East European countries — and turned largely abandoned and often neglected monuments into spectacular pieces of futuristic art filled with light and color.

Yang Xiao is a self-described urban explorer, traveler, designer, and architectural and light painting photographer. Originally from China but currently based in Spain, Yang used her project, “Eternal Monuments in the Dark,” to combine her all her passions — travel, light-painting photography, and grand architectural pieces from past generations.

It took her nine years to collect imagery from over 40 countries with the

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‘I see people ageing – I don’t always see us’: one family, 30 years, 30 photographs | Family

In the summer of 1991, photographer Zed Nelson, then 25, invited a couple of new parents he was acquainted with to visit his London studio. Oh, and bring your baby, he said. At the time he had ambitions to be a travelling photojournalist. Within the year, he would fly out on the first of a series of visits to far-flung conflict zones. But for this, Nelson had in mind a quieter, more domestic project. He set up a backdrop and lights, and he encouraged the visiting parents – a personable couple called Sue and Frank whom he’d met at

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