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How a Few Words Tossed in the Background Reminded Me of an Important Requirement for Photographers

Sometimes, photography, like life itself, can be a dance of one step forward and two steps back. So, allow me to divert from the nuts and bolts of camera gear for a moment to talk about something just as important to sustaining a career.

I went to the movies yesterday. Actually, before I start today’s essay, allow me a moment to bask in the glow of being able to say that last sentence. In terms of movies, I am what marketers might refer to as a “heavy user.” Ever since I was a child old enough to understand the difference

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48 Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Craft

In my mind, I roam the American West and meander along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. I imagine myself at non-descript train depots in Kerala drinking chai with men donning patterned lungis and transport myself to Peru’s Sacred Valley picnicking on yams and grilled cuy. My dreamscapes include vast deserts, forest retreats, even chaotic urban mishegoss. In most of my daydreams, I have a camera by my side.

With COVID-19 far from being under control globally, widespread international travel remains elusive. But for those fortunate enough to be vaccinated and have the financial means, domestic (and even some international)

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interview with architectural photographer rafael gamo

while studying for his degree in architecture and urbanism, rafael gamo enrolled in a two-year photography program. ‘from monday to friday, I went to architecture school,’ gamo tells designboom. ‘on saturdays, I had intensive all-day image-making courses.’ later, while working for an architecture studio, gamo was asked to step in for a photographer who had cancelled at the last minute. ‘since the images were urgent, I was asked if I could take them since I had a background in photography,’ continues rafael gamo. ‘that was the trigger of a 16-year career in this field.’

dicotomías del poder by dellekamp +

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Noel Gallagher launches new online photography exhibition

Noel Gallagher has launched a new online exhibition showcasing a selection of photographs documenting his life on tour with the High Flying Birds.

The collection, titled A New World Blazing, contains over 40 images by photographer Sharon Latham, who captured Gallagher’s band “at their most dynamic and their most intimate” while out on the road.

Speaking of the first-ever exhibition to focus on High Flying Birds, Gallagher explained: “Down the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best photographers in the world and I would put Sharon right up there. At its best a photograph

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Torrington photographer captures city scenes in new book

TORRINGTON — Jamie Tilley recently took a very bad situation and turned it into something he could be proud of and his fellow citizens could enjoy.

“There were news reports about this virus, which I think at that point was being called corona,” said Tilley, a veteran photographer. “We had some concern, but at that point had no idea what it would become. I spent that week in New York City, just wandering and taking pictures. I was getting a fair amount of stuff that I was happy with, so I was feeling really inspired, and just wanted to shoot … Read More

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Becoming a Full-Time Landscape Photographer: 9 Months on YouTube

Becoming a full-time landscape photographer can be difficult to navigate and there are many paths you can take. I’ve focused heavily on developing a YouTube channel to hopefully turn my passion into more, and in this 3rd update, I go over my progress, revenue, setbacks, and what the future holds. 

Six months ago I wrote the first installment of this series that specifically covers my thoughts on the different paths you can take to becoming a full-time landscape photographer. If you’re wondering why I chose YouTube or what your other options are I highly recommend you check out that article.

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