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Diesel Jeans: This Was the Year We All Became Fashion Freaks

I had a quaint little memory the other day—a naive fashion reverie, if you will. Just before the pandemic, we were all taking bets in the GQ office on who would dare to wear a skirt first. God, were we ever so young? At this point, even though I’m still mostly seeing my coworkers on Zoom, I can see that everyone is going WILD with their wardrobes—skirts, dresses, crop tops, see-through smocks. The idea that you’d be bold to wear a skirt at a men’s fashion magazine? Kid’s stuff!

You can see that energy on the streets, too: everyone is

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Grace Wales Bonner on her Spring-Summer 2022 collection

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Style Spotlight on Grace Wales Bonner

The designer’s latest collection, unveiled at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, journeys to Burkina Faso in the 1970s.

This story was produced as part of CNN Style’s partnership with Paris Fashion Week. See more coverage from the events throughout the year here.

London’s Grace Wales Bonner is a singular talent in today’s top fashion echelons. Britain-born and of Jamaican descent, her eponymous label has become a galvanizing force since its launch in 2014.

Wales Bonner’s thoughtful and thoroughly researched studies of the African diaspora and Black identity have helped to

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Reimagining Gen Z Fashion, Cinta The Label Launches Its First London Pop Up

Amy Sturgis is no stranger to all things fashion — she’s been working in public relations in the field since the age of 21 and counts Manolo Blahnik, Aspinal of London and All Things Mochi as previous clients and career experience. For someone who’s orchestrated hundreds, if not more, events and brand pop-ups, this one for Cinta the Label hits differently: the London-based contemporary, sustainable womenswear brand known for its innocently carefree and semi-relaxed silhouette was founded by Sturgis herself.

Located in the heart of London’s buzzing West End, Cinta’s

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Pop-Punk Is Back in Fashion

The year is 2003. You’ve just arrived home from a terrible day of middle school to learn that Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” has once again claimed the top spot on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. (You’re happy for Amy Lee, specifically.) After diving into a sleeve of “Xtra Cheddar” Goldfish, you slip the “Freaky Friday” soundtrack into your Discman. You want to have the lyrics to Simple Plan’s “Happy Together” memorized by that sleepover on Saturday.

Here we are, 18 years later, and I have never been more sure that time is a flat circle. Bennifer is making

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Thigh society: why men’s shorts are getting shorter | Men’s fashion

In April the US actor Milo Ventimiglia, star of This Is Us, was photographed leaving the gym in a sleeveless vest and a pair of shorts so short you could barely tell they were there: two thumb-sized rims of black material gave way to legs so round and meaty they could be shoved in the oven for three hours at 180C.

It was one innocuous paparazzi photo that broke a dam of desire. The image was reshared on social media tens of thousands of times, users claiming: “Every thought in my head has been replaced with these images.”

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At Prada, Decoding Raf’s Remix | Fashion Show Review

A few brands are staging real-life shows in Milan this season, but Prada once again opted for a digital format to communicate its latest men’s collection. The output consisted solely of a video; no pre-recorded chat between co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons; no Q&A with their fanbase.

That made the experience a bit cold and a bit weird. Without a stated rationale, a Prada collection loses half its charm, as one is left with the clothes, but misses the traditional expounding of the concepts that underpin them, as outlandish and forced they sometimes come across.

The decision was

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