Cardi B Shows Her Excitement For Her Growing Baby With EXTRAvagant Nail Art

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Cardi B has taken the nail art trend to a whole other level.  The W.A.P rapper took to her Instagram stories yesterday to debut her over-the-top, blinged-out manicure.  Her usual lengthy, stiletto nails are now a nude color that feature enormous ornaments on each nail.  One nail holds a diamond clad “C” and an “A” with a brown teddy bear placed under it.  Another nail is accented by a giant heart jewel, and the rest of her nails feature a diamond dollar sign, the other letters in her name, Kulture’s (her daughter) name, a few dollar signs, the word mama in sparkling diamonds, butterflies, a snake, and more jewels. 

The consensus regarding Cardi’s nails on Instagram was dissenting.  The recurring question that seemed to perplex everyone was how she is able to practice proper hygiene with nails that excessive.  Others wanted to know if they were heavy and if her nail beds can stand the weight, and also how she’s able to care for a toddler or any household duties with nails that fancy (we are sure she has a nanny and a maid). 

Cardi B is known for her excessiveness when it comes to fashion.  She has no qualms with doing what’s in her soul.  Whether its changing her hair color to match her outfit, or rocking a barely there look – Cardi B takes the leap.  While we are not surprised by her immoderate, we are wondering if they were a part of her everyday look or for some type of photoshoot.  Our fingers are crossed for the photoshoot.  Are you guys feeling Cardi’s manicure? 


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