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The Gear Used by This Formula 1 Photographer Is Fascinating

Formula 1 photography requires some specialist gear, and the equipment used during post-production by this seasoned professional is fascinating, allowing him to deliver images as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kym Illman gives you an insight into the kit he takes with him as he goes on tour around the world with Forumla 1 for 10 months of the year. Packing two Canon 1D X Mark IIIs seems fairly predictable, but the gear used to edit, cull, keyword, and deliver his images is more sophisticated than you might expect. All of this must be carefully balanced with the need

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NYC Collector Claims To Have Discovered Long-Lost Van Gogh Landscape

The allegedly newly discovered Vincent van Gogh work, “Auvers, 1890.”

By W.A. Demers

NEW YORK CITY – The landscape of van Gogh paintings is littered with fakes.

So shows the trend over the past three decades, with an oft-cited 1997 investigation by The Art Newspaper casting doubt on the authenticity of at least 45 van Gogh paintings and drawings housed in leading museums around the world.

Enter New York collector Stuart Pivar (b 1930), who news reports say has claimed to have discovered a long-lost van Gogh landscape, “Auvers, 1890″ in its original condition and signed on the back by

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Dan Tepfer Plays Bach Like You’ve Never Heard It Before: Upside Down : NPR

Pianist, composer and coder Dan Tepfer confronted pandemic isolation with ingenious technological solutions.

Josh Goleman/courtesy of the artist

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Josh Goleman/courtesy of the artist

Pianist, composer and coder Dan Tepfer confronted pandemic isolation with ingenious technological solutions.

Josh Goleman/courtesy of the artist

Sitting at the Yamaha grand piano in his Brooklyn apartment, surrounded by two laptops, an iPad, a monitor, a video camera and studio lights, Dan Tepfer plays the first of Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations. The piano is a Disklavier, which can record and play back. When he finishes, Tepfer taps a button on his iPad, triggering

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Society6’s outdoor & lifestyle line is full of cute summer finds


Every inch of your space should feel authentically you. That definitely applies to the inside of your home, but it shouldn’t stop once you cross the threshold. Your porch, stoop, patio or yard is also an extension of your style; in fact, it’s the first impression you make on barbecue invitees and passers-by, so in our opinion, it’s worthy of some customization. Cue the outdoor and lifestyle selection over at Society6, where you can find the breath of fresh air your outdoor space needs this summer.

If you’ve never heard of Society6, it’s a retailer unlike any other

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‘This is our cultural heritage’: Spanish photographers seek national archive | Spain

Spain’s best-known photographers have thrown their weight behind a new campaign to establish a national centre to catalogue, share, protect and promote the country’s rich and diverse photographic history.

The Platform for a Centre of Photography and the Image – whose members include Ramón Masats, Isabel Muñoz, Alberto García-Alix, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Cristina García Rodero – points out that Spain is one of only a handful of EU countries that does not have a centre exclusively dedicated to photography.

“Comparisons are always odious but when it comes to photography, they’re even more odious,” Castro

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Zodiac Jewelry Is the Personal Fashion Trend That’s That’s Everywhere Right Now

Zodiac Jewelry

Courtesy Mejuri

When it comes to jewelry, the unique, the sentimental, and the bespoke are continuing to trend, but lately, it’s actually the stars that are speaking the loudest. When it comes to personal pieces that everyone seems to be clamoring for, zodiac signs have quickly become the most requested on the market — which is no real surprise, considering our nail polish and makeup bags are already full of fun, astrological finds.

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This past spring, designer Brent Neale gave her signature mushroom pendants

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