Author: Benz Seo

Warner Music spends over $100m to buy David Guetta recordings catalog

The music catalog acquisition game continues to hot up – with the major music rightsholders getting stuck in.


Universal Music Group, don’t forget, spent $1.7 billion on music rights and advances in 2020, including the $300m-plus acquisition of Bob Dylan’s song catalog.

Sony Music Group, meanwhile, recently confirmed that it spent $1.4 billion on music-related acquisitions in just the six months to end of May this year – including spending a nine-figure sum on the song catalog of Paul Simon.

Today (June 17) it’s Warner Music Group‘s turn to make a splash. WMG has confirmed that it has acquired the

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How to get dressed up again | Fashion

I can’t wait to have a wardrobe crisis. I miss them. The heap of discarded clothes grows as the clock ticks down. My heart rate rises like I’m Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. I’m trying to figure out which dress goes with which shoes rather than defuse a bomb, but still. The stakes feel pretty high. And never more so than now.

When the time for “going out-out” comes – which, as I’m writing this, has been pushed back a few weeks – the wardrobe crisis will be back with a vengeance. Getting dressed to go out is a completely

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#Vanlife: an Indian couple and their ‘Dodge’y lifestyle

Smriti Bhadauria and Kartik Vasan are living their best lives, travelling across Canada and the Americas, breaking brown stereotypes, and funding their #IndianVanLife from their own pockets

A gun-toting priest stopping you outside a church can be daunting. But for Smriti Bhadauria and Kartik Vasan, ambassadors of Indian van life, it’s just one of the many memorable experiences they’ve been making since they sold their condo in downtown Toronto last year and hit the road in a vintage, brown campervan, their dog Everest in tow.

“When we entered the US, in the state of Oregon, in January, we were trying

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How to Photograph in Harsh Sun

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now in the throes of summer, which means harsh sunshine for a larger part of the day. While midday sun is generally not ideal for photographs, it isn’t always avoidable. Luckily, there are some simple ways to work around and even with that blazing star and still end up with strong images.

We’ve all heard it many, many times: you should avoid taking photographs during the middle of the day. And it is true that generally speaking, the best time to take photographs is early in the morning or late in the

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Dua Lipa’s Manager TaP Music’s Ben Mawson: Exec of the Week

After 15 months, album single “Levitating,” which last October received a remix from DaBaby, finally topped Billboard’s Pop Airplay & Adult Pop Airplay charts. It’s Lipa’s latest feat after winning the Grammy for best pop vocal album this March, and it’s helped Mawson earn the title of Billboard’s Executive of the Week.

Looking ahead, Mawson is excited about TaP’s new ventures in sports and fashion, both of which will help expand upon the music brand’s global mentality and reach.

“Levitating” has finally topped the Pop Airplay and Adult Pop Airplay Charts. What key decisions did you play in

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Founders of Apparel Company Hikerkind

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Jonathan Tasker / Imprimere

“Hot Bod” is a weekly exploration of fitness culture and its adjacent oddities.

Four years ago, two stylists’ assistants, Chelsea Rizzo and Allison Levy, met at a photoshoot for Gucci while heaving around beautiful clothes. They chatted endlessly about fashion, but it took a few times hanging out before they discovered their other mutual love: hiking. The pair began to take trains up to the Catskills and Breakneck Ridge. They bonded over gorgeous summits and some mutual frustrations — how difficult it was to find an outdoorsy community and how challenging

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