Adria Mobil’s Award-Winning Astella Lineup Reinvents Mobile Home Lifestyle

Adria is a manufacturing giant of mobile homes ranging from vans to Class A motorhomes, and even towable homes like the Astella you see here. Because this team operates mostly out of Europe, it possibly they may sound new to you.

Since 1965 this team has been at the top of the mobile home game, and today, distributes vehicles worldwide through a network of partners and over 500 dealers. With a focus on creating memorable vehicles and moments though innovation and sustainability, Adria has risen to be considered one of Europe’s go-to teams for RVs and the likes. With homes like the Astella, it’s really no wonder.

Before I go on, it helps to know that the team includes three different sized Astella models at this time. The smallest is the Astella 704 HP, the next size up is the 754 DP, while the 904 HP is the grand master of the three. Each home consists of different dimensions and layouts fit for specific needs, but most importantly, for budget. Currently, the manufacturer’s website shows no price list, but dealer prices range from €53,000 ($64,620 at current exchange rates) beyond €60,000 ($73,155 at current exchange rates) depending on the model and extra features.

Sure, some folks may argue that this price range might be a bit high (for a towable), but the fact that this caravan style design is the winner of “Layout” and “Overall Concept Caravan” by the European Innovation Award for 2020 should stand for something.

One main feature of the Astella lineup is the smooth and minimalist exterior. It may simple but this exterior has been designed and tested while applying technology learned from the aerospace industry to ensure an aerodynamic shape that won’t hold you back.

Each Astella is completed using Adria’s ‘Comprex’ construction. This building process combines materials like composite wood, polyurethane, EPS Styrofoam, and even hardwood to create a vehicle that is light, durable, and able to withstand whatever mother nature is capable of. I wonder how it holds up against hail. The shell body cladding is composed of polyester, and insulation is provided by XPS Styrofoam.

All that is then set upon an integrated AL-KO chassis, making it lightweight and durable, and equipped with Alde heating systems and pre-installation for AC. You know what that means? Year-round use! An Adria Air Flow System is also in place to ventilate and heat the home without condensation. Everyone knows the damage mold and high humidity levels can do.

Massive windows and doors accompany every one of the models, but the 704 HP has two massive glass doors that can be opened for access on either end of the Astella. A large forward-facing window with skylight is also in place. One of the features that makes the Astella so popular are the glass doors which open the home to the outside world, allowing a level of integration found among summer lake homes.

Inside the models, it’s an entirely different story; they look like downright homes. Fully equipped spaces such as the kitchen with everything from a fridge to freezer, cookers, and oven, to luxury bathrooms that put my own home to shame are standard. All models include modular dining areas that can be transformed into sleeping areas at a moment’s notice, while large rear bedrooms offer living spaces the likes of five-star hotels.

The 904 HP also includes another modular sleeping area in the center of the structure. Here, the living room can be transformed to accommodate another two guests, for a total of six. The other two models can only sleep up to four other guests.

Electrical systems are ample as well and include sockets, USB ports, ambient LED lights, and central lighting control panels. Water installations are ample too, including external inlets. After all, it’s a home, no?

One thing Adria is also doing with the Astella is the inclusion of a mobile AI and hardware known as Adria Mach. With this optional app and hardware, you can manage functions such as lighting, cooling, and even battery levels right from your phone. You can also set up a mobile office with this feature.

Like most other teams in this line of work, Adria will work with you to make your upcoming Astella mobile home more comfortable than your land-locked housing. With a price tag like the one I mentioned above, to heck with traditional lifestyles. Time to really do things differently.

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