7 Nail Trends to Try ASAP

All the nail trends you need to know right now.

All the nail trends you need to know right now.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say nail art is having its moment right now. From short to long and vibrant to muted, there’s a style and shape out there for everyone. Take your nails to the next level with these seven nail art trends driving us absolutely wild at the moment:

Airbrush Art

 Image credit @ateliersusu_ on Instagram.

Let airbrushed twinkles and names adorn your fingertips while paying homage to one of our favorite 90’s trends. Set atop a backdrop of french tip, or even a solid-colored base, the airbrushed look is definitely making its comeback right now.

Abstract / Negative Space

 Image credit @gelpolish_bar on Instagram.

Abstract nails are arguably one of the hottest nail trends right now. With so many color combinations to choose from and different ways to angle these designs, we’d say French Tip has met its competition. 

French Tip Outline

 Image credit @nylove_nail on Instagram.

You know it’s a classic when we’re not only still doing it, but finding new ways to do so. An outlined French Tip is not only simple and classy, but still fun and playful in its own way.


 Image credit @heynicenails on Instagram.

A take on pointillism, these tiny black dots across the nails are making its way onto our feeds, and to put it simply we’re obsessed. Try it out in a different color, on half your nails or all, these dotted nails are great year round.

Animal Prints

 Image credit @driphausnails on Instagram.

Cows, zebras, leopards, tortoises, giraffes, alligators oh my! Who knew we could put so many animal patterns on our nails?  Try one at a time or all at once, the animal prints are here to stay.


 Image credit @scaviar.nails on Instagram.

Tiny fruits dotting your nails, what could be cuter? Lemons, strawberries, cherries and more, it’s like you’ve got the whole picnic basket right at your fingertips. 

Mix and Match

 Image credit @_polishnails on Instagram.

Why stick to one trend when you can try them all at the same time? Follow a color pattern or pick all your favorites from this list and you’ve got a perfect set. 

Credits: Caption image @glossupparis on Instagram.