Day: June 8, 2021

Black-owned vintage stores are always in vogue | Lifestyle

Three beautifully styled black women decorated the screen. “FUBU” and “Phat Farm” were scattered in the foreground, wearing remade vintage items, and they posed together for fashion photography, all of which were sensible and confident.

In the background, an instrumental version of Juvenile’s song began to be played, and we began preparing the lyrics, “Cash Money Records will take over in the 1999 and 2000s,” known to those in the know. In between shots, Shayla Janel Hill was in charge of directing and arranging the set.

Hill owns Houston’s online vintage shop Random and Chic. She is in the process

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Art exhibition pays tribute to frontline healthcare workers – Florida Trend

Nelson Cárdenas has already received acclaim for his art. However, the self-taught artist who is a prep cook at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital recently embarked on another project to promote positivity and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic, for which he’s now receiving a different type of praise.

Tonight, an exhibition of Mr. Cárdenas’ portraits of hospital staff who provided care to COVID-19 patients during the pandemic will open at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando. Titled Healthcare Heroes: Portraits of Orlando Health’s Frontline Workers, the group of thirteen large, stunning portraits by the Central

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NFTs Shift Power to Artists as the Music Business Evolves

The Grammy-award winning musician and producer André Anjos goes by the stage name RAC, although as a bellwether in the radical ways the music industry is evolving, he might consider changing that to NFT.

Nonfungible tokens, a new type of blockchain technology that uses enforced scarcity to make digital goods collectible and valuable, have been on a tear. Earlier this year, Christie’s conducted the record-breaking $69.3 million sale of an NFT by digital artist Beeple. Around the same time, Anjos earned $708,000 for a collection of NFTs related to his latest album, YOU, more than from his combined album

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The Best-Dressed Models, Editors, and Designers at Men’s Fashion Week Share the Stories Behind Their Looks

Does this represent a typical look for you, or do you like to try new things during Fashion Week?

I’m pretty chill when it comes to getting dressed: a pair of shorts, a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a jacket. Lots of layers. I’m very much a West Coast dresser, and this is the amped-up fashion version of that. I bike, walk, scooter, and run from show to appointment to show, which is how I get around [the city] at any time of year. So with anything I’m wearing, I have to make sure it’s functional. That said, there have been

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Get to Know Lifestyle Coach, Monica Prata

As people across the country leave their homes to celebrate pride month, one woman is going coast to coast to help trans women realize their true selves. Monica Prata has long been a femininity and lifestyle coach for those assigned as male at birth and transitioning to being women through skillfully executed guidance and training that ranges from general counseling and setting goals and intentions, to going out to a bar as their new selves or even being reintroduced to their family.

The genesis of this rather nuanced career stems from Prata‘s early days in the Chicago suburbs working

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Photographer Sues Capcom for $12M for Using Her Photos in Video Games

A photographer has filed a lawsuit against Capcom, accusing the Japanese video game giant of infringing her copyright by using her photos extensively in its best-selling video games.

Polygon reports that Judy A. Juracek filed her initial complaint in a Connecticut court yesterday.

Juracek is a designer and photographer who has published several books with photos of various surfaces to serve as a visual research resource for artists, architects, and designers.

The 1996 book (and companion CD-ROM) at the center of this lawsuit is titled Surfaces, and the description states that it “offers over 1,200 outstanding, vibrantly colorful visual

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